Irrigation Solutions for Sugarcane Producers

Sugarcane producers worldwide depend on irrigation to maximize yields and obtain a higher sucrose content from their crop during the vegetative and yield formation stages. For decades, the top producers in Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala and the Eastern Hemisphere have relied on Senninger® to ensure their crop produces a consistent cane yield and achieves longer ratoon life.

Factors such as climatic conditions, operating costs and economics, planting density and water quality will determine which type of irrigation system is ideal for your unique setup, but Senninger has multiple options available for solid set irrigation and center pivot irrigation on drops or top-of-pipe.



The i-Wob®2 provides the most uniform water distribution compared to any pivot applicator on the market. Its protective shroud guards the sprinkler’s wear surface from the splashing of adjacent sprinklers, grit, and direct UV damage. Designed to last longer in the field, it combines a tough exterior with a gentle rain-like application.


Xcel-Wobbler™ TOP

The Xcel-Wobbler™ TOP takes the instantaneous, uniform distribution pattern of Wobbler® technology to top-of-pipe applications. It produces large wind-resistant droplets in a gentle rain-like application. With its low 10 psi operating pressure and wide area of coverage, it is more economical than other sprinkler packages.



Xcel-Wobbler™ sprinklers' uniformity and gentle rain-like application makes them ideal for germination, fertigation, salt leaching, and frost protection. Their low operating pressure and larger droplet sizes result in greater irrigation efficiency.


70 Series Sprinkler

The 70 Series full-circle impacts distribute water at higher flows over a large diameter. It outlasts and costs less than brass sprinklers. Available in single or double nozzle models with either range-drive or spreader-drive.


80 Series Sprinkler

The 80 Series impact sprinklers are designed for maximum efficiency at high flow rates between 25.2 to 103.2 gpm (5724 to 23439 L/hr). It outlasts and costs less than brass sprinklers. Available in single or double nozzle models with either range-drive or spreader-drive.

Control Your Pressure

Every system experiences pressure fluctuations, resulting in unwanted flow deviations and over and under-watering. Regulators maintain a constant preset outlet pressure with varying inlet pressures, which alleviates pressure differences that can cause an applicator’s area of coverage to change.

Senninger® black and white pressure regulators are renowned for their accuracy, durability, and ability to maintain the overall efficiency of an irrigation system.

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Pressure Regulators



This field is producing approximately 125 metric tons of sugarcane and the producers think it is entirely due upgrading their sprinkler heads. The Xcel-Wobblers have been in this field for nearly five years and helps produce approximately 125 metric tons of sugarcane for harvesting with 90% distribution uniformity.


Barberton, MP South Africa

"You can tell by the even growth on the cane that it works very well. I'm really happy with the delivery as well. I mean, with floppies you have two millimeters that you get in an hour, with this one you get 4.6. Last year on this field I did 116 tons. Last year I had done 85, so that's a huge difference.” - Clodia Sihlangu