Livestock Management

While Senninger® has developed a specific line of products for center pivot irrigation, many sprinklers designed to irrigate crops are also used in dairies to assist with cattle cooling and udder washing.

Dairy Cooling

Reducing heat stress is a major concern for dairy producers. When temperatures rise in a holding pen, intermittently sprinkling cows’ backs with water and allowing the water to evaporate dramatically increases the cows’ natural ability to regulate their temperature through evaporative cooling. A combination of sprinklers and fans running at 5 mph can help cows lower their body temperatures in as little as 30 minutes.

Installation Recommendations from the University of Georgia Extension

  • i-Wob®2

    The i-Wob2 features an instantaneous 360° distribution pattern and a large droplet size that can penetrate the cow's coat and reach the skin for optimum cooling. This sprinkler operates at ultra low pressures starting at 6 psi (0.41 bar).

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  • Xi-Wob™

    Like the i-Wob2, the Xi-Wob also features a 360° instantaneous distribution pattern and a large droplet size that can penetrate the cow's coat and reach the skin. Unlike the i-Wob2, it can be installed on semi-rigid PE drops or steel drops.

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  • Pressure Regulators

    Senninger pressure regulators maintain a constant preset outlet pressure with varying inlet pressures. This helps control pressure fluctuations commonly associated with the cycling of various application zones or other system demands.

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Udder Washing

Before cows enter the milking parlor, they can be held in a sprinkler pen for pre-washing. When the cows are waiting to be milked, the sprinklers come on and spray the underside of the cow with clean water, removing debris and getting the cows ready for milking.

Pre-washing is particularly helpful for maximizing the effectiveness of the final wash and sanitation. It also helps decrease milking time because the cows arrive with udders already partially clean.

  • Wobbler®

    Wobblers are commonly found in sprinkler pens for pre-washing before cows enter the milking parlor. This model features a 360° instantaneous distribution pattern and only one moving part, which translates to a longer product life.

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