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We serve irrigation professionals like you. Professionals who care about people, practices, and results. Our free online courses offer in-depth information on irrigation concepts and products, installation recommendations, and troubleshooting information so you can:

  • Recommend with assurance
  • Better assist customers
  • Install with confidence
  • Troubleshoot with ease
  • Conserve more water
  • Reduce energy costs

You can also obtain continuing education units (CEUs) toward your Irrigation Association (IA) certification for each course you complete. Each Senninger course is worth 1 CEU. You can submit your certificate of completion to the Irrigation Association as proof of completion.

Understanding Pressure Regulation

Discover the basics of pressure regulators and learn how to install pressure regulators in different irrigation systems, recommend a model to customers, identify problems and troubleshoot with ease.


  • How a pressure regulator works
  • Pressure's impact on system flow rate
  • Causes of pressure fluctuations
  • Specifying a pressure regulator
  • Identifying wear issues
  • Installing pressure regulators in pivots, greenhouses, and more


LEPA & LESA Close Spacing

Learn the basics of LEPA and LESA irrigation and the best practices for installing these systems. Discover the many sprinkler options available today and how farmers are using these to save water, conserve energy and increase yields.


  • How LEPA and LESA conserve water and energy
  • Differentiating between LEPA and LESA
  • Selecting the best applicator for your customer's field
  • Identifying if a field can handle LEPA irrigation
  • How closer spacing enhances the technology
  • Real-world examples of LEPA and LESA users across America


Wobbler Technology

Discover the differences between Senninger's Wobbler products for pivot irrigation, how to select a model, the best practices for installing these sprinklers, as well as troubleshooting tips.


  • Selecting the ideal deflector pad model for a customer's field
  • Identifying when an i-Wob2 or an Xi-Wob is needed
  • Installing Wobblers in different configurations
  • Common causes and solutions for stalling, uneven crop growth, and breakage
  • How Wobbler technology works


LDN Technology

Learn the basics of LDN spray technology including how to select a spray pad, when to use multiple pads, how to convert from spray mode to LEPA or chemigation mode, and best installation practices.


  • How to switch from spray mode to LEPA mode
  • Understanding double and triple pads
  • Installing LDN sprinklers in different configurations
  • How to select the right deflector pad


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