About Senninger®

Senninger is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality irrigation solutions for agricultural, horticultural, and industrial applications. Our products are designed to use as little water and energy as possible to help irrigators make the most of every drop. With 60 years of experience in more than 80 countries worldwide, Senninger is one of the most trusted names in the irrigation industry.

Our products are manufactured in the USA, ensuring the highest quality standards are adhered to. Products undergo repeated, rigorous testing in the field and in our facilities before they make it to shelves. These testing procedures and attention to detail mean that our customers can count on the consistency and quality they demand of all our products.

Explore the inspiring journey of Senninger's founders and how their vision revolutionized agricultural irrigation since 1963.


  • Senninger 60th Anniversary, Mini Pressure Regulator2023

    Senninger is celebrating 60 Years of Gratitude and Growing Together. Senninger remains committed to all its customers and employees who have helped the company grow to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural irrigation products. They continue to build on the legacy of values and determination from Joe Senninger and the Healy brothers to develop world-class irrigation solutions.

    The Senninger Mini Pressure Regulator (MPR) is an economical solution to help reduce excessive pressure. This helps reduce wind drift and overwatering throughout the irrigation zone, including changing elevations and long lateral runs.

  • Senninger do Brasil 20th Anniversary

    Senninger Brasil celebrates its 20th anniversary in the current year by expanding beyond warehousing to manufacturing primary agricultural irrigation products to serve better customers, Brazilian growers, and the regional market.

  • UP3 Zero Flow Nozzle, Filter Regulator, Wide Spray Bubble, Dynamic Drive2021

    Senninger releases the LDN® Dynamic Drive, available in five models based on desired installation and pressure, including top-of-pipe models, drop hose models, and a part-circle model.

    With the release of the LDN® Wide Spray Bubble, Senninger expands its proven LDN platform to provide the low-pressure water-saving efficiencies of LEPA application while achieving total coverage.

    Senninger releases the all-in-one Filter Regulator combining filtration and pressure regulation into one device for installation convenience..

    Senninger expands its UP3 nozzle line with the addition of the UP3 Zero Flow Nozzle, an economical component for temporarily turning off sprinklers.

  • SENNODE-BT2020

    The battery-operated SENNODE-BT controller is enabled with powerful wireless Bluetooth® technology that can be easily managed from a smartphone. It’s a reliable choice for greenhouses, nurseries, open fields and other areas where AC power is unavailable.

  • Maxijet2019

    Senninger expands its micro-irrigation product line by promoting Maxijet micro-sprays and components, designed for easier and more efficient micro-irrigation.

  • i-Wob®2 & SennREG™2018

    Senninger releases the i-Wob2, the next generation of Wobbler technology.

    Senninger releases SennREG mobile app for testing pressure regulator performance.

  • Senninger Wins Vanguard Award2017

    Close-Spaced LEPA installations wins the Agriculture category of the Irrigation Association’s new Vanguard Award.

  • Hunter Acquires Senninger 2016

    Senninger joins the Hunter Industries family of companies January 04, 2016. Both have been strategic partners since 2004.

    Senninger releases the PRU, a high-flow 2-inch pressure regulator, and the Xcel-Wobbler TOP, which takes Wobbler technology to top-of-pipe applications.

  • Quick Connect & Nozzle Fitting2015

    Senninger introduces the Quick Connect Coupling, which easily and economically joins PVC pipes.

    Senninger releases its UP3 Dual Nozzle Fitting to make renozzling during the season a quick, tool-free experience.

  • Hand Tight Nozzles™ & Fogger2014

    Senninger releases a Fogger used to reduce temperatures and increase humidity levels for plant propagation in greenhouses.

    Senninger introduces Hand Tight Nozzles for impact sprinklers. They eliminate the possibility of losing a vane when removing nozzles for cleaning.

  • Senninger's 50th Anniversary 2013

    Senninger celebrates their 50th Anniversary with an industry event coupled with factory tours and a separate event for all employees.

  • New Pressure Regulator & Weight2012

    Senninger releases the PSR™2 (Pivot-Special Regulator 2) for systems pumping surface water.

    Senninger develops the LDN® Shroud as an additional LEPA alternative for germination, low crop watering, and sensitive soils that are prone to compaction.

    Senninger releases the Magnum Weight™ for center pivot sprinklers to help combat metal theft in several areas around the world.

    Senninger introduces a Micro-Sprinkler with a bridgeless design.

  • A New LEPA Bubbler & IA Award 2010
    The Irrigation Association’s selects Senninger’s UP3® (Universal Pivot Products Platform) as most Innovative Agricultural Product of 2010.

    Senninger introduces the LDN® Bubbler Pad to easily convert LDN sprinklers into LEPA applicators.

  • New Components & IA Award 2009

    Senninger releases the UP3 Dual Nozzle Carrier to make cleaning and changing nozzles even easier for growers.

    Senninger introduces the One Weight with its unique “fit technology” that allows it to fit securely onto several different applicators.

    Senninger wins the Irrigation Association’s New Product Award for the PRXF-LV (Pressure Regulator Extended Flow Limit Valve) at the annual show in San Antonio, Texas.

  • UP3® Nozzles 2008

    Senninger develops the first easy-change nozzle system - UP3 (Universal Pivot Products Platform). The unique “click-in” nozzle eliminates the need to disassemble or remove the sprinkler to remove the nozzle.

  • Senninger Wins ASABE Awards 2007

    The ASABE, (Society for Engineering in Agricultural, Food, and Biological Systems) awards Senninger two AE50 awards for the Xi-Wob™ and Smooth Drive™.

    Each was deemed one of the year’s most innovative designs in engineering products and systems for the food and agricultural industry.

  • High Flow Regulator & DrainStop 2006

    Senninger introduces the Drain Stop Plus™. It helps prevent draining from applicators when the system is shut down in overhead irrigation installations.

    Senninger introduces the PRXF (Pressure Regulator Extended Flow) to help optimize system performance on larger flow installations.

  • The Mister™ 2005

    Senninger introduces the Mister for short cycle horticultural applications like propagation.

  • Senninger Moves to Clermont 2004

    Senninger moves to Clermont, Florida to a new 94,000-square-foot administration-manufacturing center, a 35,000-square-foot warehouse and a 10,000-square-foot testing center.

  • New Wobblers and an Office in Brazil2003

    Senninger opens an office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Senninger introduces the Xi-Wob™ to allow Wobbler technology’s use on semi-rigid, PE and steel drop installations.

    Senninger introduces its Spray Stakes.

    Senninger adds a counter-balance design to Wobbler technology and introduces the low vibration Xcel-Wobbler™ for open field and horticultural applications.

  • New Plastic Gooseneck & Sprinkler 2002

    Senninger introduces the Smooth Drive™ with a unique “walking diffuser” that eliminates leg shadows associated with bracket interference.

    Senninger introduces the first double gooseneck and truss rod hose sling, which divides the flow from a single pivot outlet into two applicators on opposite sides of the mainline.

  • The Triad™ 2001

    Senninger introduces the Triad featuring three adjustable directional nozzles for precise delivery and trajectory control.

  • Senninger Adapts Integral Weight 1999

    Senninger adapts the integral weight concept for the LDN® to help maintain the position of the applicator in windy conditions and deliver a gentle in-the-furrow application when combined with the bubbler pad.

  • Irri-Maker™ Software 1998

    Senninger releases Irri-Maker software to evaluate irrigation installation alternatives in advance. It optimizes irrigation system design, provides a comprehensive list of materials and detailed hydraulic reports.

  • The i-Wob® & PSR™ Regulator 1997

    Senninger introduces the i-Wob for the center pivots. It became Senninger’s most popular sprinkler and one of the most imitated sprinklers worldwide due to its low application intensity and consistent wetted pattern.

    Senninger introduces the PSR (Pivot-Special Regulator™), a pressure regulator for pivots that covers the flow range needed for the entire length of the machine.

  • The mini-Wobbler™ 1996

    Senninger introduces the upright and inverted mini-Wobbler for solid set, nursery and greenhouse system's requiring lower flows.

  • Wobbler® Technology in Pivots 1994

    Senninger introduces the Wob-Loop to allow Wobbler technology’s use on center pivots.

    Senninger releases the T-Spray™ for delicate horticultural crops.

    Andy and Mark Healy receive the Irrigation Association’s Industry Achievement Award for "outstanding contributions to the development of the irrigation industry and the products" - the highest honor in the industry.

  • WinSIPP™ Software 1993

    Senninger introduces WinSIPP software to simulate the application uniformity of sprinkler layouts before the system is installed and determine the optimal design for a specific application.

  • The LDN® (Low Drift Nozzle) 1992

    Senninger releases the LDN (Low Drift Nozzle), the first pivot sprinkler designed to divide larger flows along the pivot into various streams, helping to lower application intensity.

  • First LEPA Sprinkler is Released 1986

    Working with researchers at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center, Senninger developed the Quad Spray®, the first low energy precision application (LEPA) sprinkler. This helped farmers save water and reduce fuel consumption.

  • Drag Hose Adapter for Spray Nozzles 1982

    With the challenge of low water availability in West Texas, Senninger releases the first drag hose adapter for spray nozzles.

  • The Super Spray® 1981

    Senninger introduces the Super Spray, a spray nozzle with 22 interchangeable deflector options that allow for greater customization of distribution pattern and droplet size.

  • Hydro Software 1980
    Senninger introduces Hydro, a software program designed to guide in proper system design. The program configures the specific nozzles and their placement in the field.
  • The 8025 Impact Sprinkler 1979

    The world's largest thermoplastic impact sprinkler, the 8025, for high volume and land treatment applications is released.

    Senninger opens a warehouse in Grand Island, Nebraska.

  • Senninger® Wobbler® Technology 1978

    Senninger Wobbler Technology is first introduced to the industry. The unique off-center rotary action of a wobbling deflector coupled with grooved deflectors produces an instantons full-circle irrigation pattern at low pressures.

    Senninger opens a warehouse in Lubbock, Texas.

  • Senninger Expands Outside the USA 1977

    Senninger expands into the international market through association with a banana producer in Panama.

    Then president, Basil Skolnik, expands the global effort throughout Central America and the Middle East.

  • Fan Spray 1976

    Senninger introduces the Fan Spray for center pivots to distribute water away from wheel tracks and towers.

    Tom Senninger joins the company and goes on to oversee injection molding.

  • Pivot-Master® Line 1975

    Combining plastic sprinklers and brass connections for center pivots, Senninger initiates production on Pivot-Master sprinklers.

  • New Top-of-Pipe Standards Established 1974
    The industry’s first low-angle pivot impact sprinkler, the Windfighter™ is released. The low, six-degree angle helps conserve water and became standard for top of pipe installations.
  • Undertree Sprinklers Released 1973
    Senninger introduces low-angle plastic sprinklers for under-tree irrigation.
  • Plastic Sprinklers for Pivots1971

    Senninger pioneers the use of plastic sprinklers on center pivots.

  • The Loss of Our Founder 1970

    The company faces a devastating loss with the passing of founder, Joe Senninger. Honoring his commitment, Mark and Andy Healy remain focused on engineering innovative products and continuing company growth.

    Senninger develops the first color-coded nozzle system, which has become an industry standard.

  • Senninger Buys its First Mold Machine 1967

    Senninger purchases its first mold machine for in-house product molding, which greatly improved quality control.

  • First In-line Pressure Regulators 1966

    Recognizing the importance of maintaining correct system pressure, Senninger introduces the industry’s first in-line pressure regulator.

    Fred Elliott joins Senninger to assist with production.

  • Senninger Continues to Grow 1965

    Joe Senninger’s wife, Annette, joins the team to work in accounting and assembly. She served as receptionist for 25 years and performed many other roles.

    Andy's brother, Mark Healy, joins Senninger to work on engineering, product development and manufacturing.

  • Joe Senninger Grows the Company 1964

    Joe Senninger's nephew, Andy Healy, joins Senninger Irrigation to handle sales, accounting, and collections.

    Senninger moves to new facility on Old Winter Garden Road in Orlando, Florida.

  • Senninger Irrigation is Established 1963

    Joe Senninger creates the first Insect-Proof™ Impact Sprinkler. Its water activated retractable pin seals the nozzle opening to prevent mud daubers from nesting inside the sprinkler when not operating.