Irrigation Solutions for Banana Producers

Banana trees require a large amount of water year-round, so your irrigation system has a big responsibility in determining the number of flowers and fruit you can produce, and the size and quality of these yields. On top of this, the system needs to be durable enough to withstand possible wear from other operations such as harvesting and spraying. Larger plantations also need a low maintenance irrigation system that helps keep the entire operation running as smoothly as possible.

Senninger® sprinklers are designed to save water by combating wind-drift and evaporation. Their uniform distribution pattern helps achieve a more uniform root zone coverage, which results in higher moisture levels.



Senninger® mini-Wobbler™ sprinklers distribute water in an instantaneous, uniform application pattern over a large area. Their low operating pressure and larger droplet sizes result in very low evaporative loss and greater irrigation efficiency.



Senninger® Xcel-Wobbler™ sprinklers' uniformity and gentle rain-like application makes them ideal for germination, fertigation, salt leaching, and frost protection. Their low operating pressure and larger droplet sizes result in greater irrigation efficiency.


Smooth Drive™

The Senninger® Smooth Drive™ is designed for under-tree, open-field, and nursery irrigation. Its unique walking diffuser™ helps deliver an extremely uniform pattern that prevents dry areas caused by distortion from bracket legs.


2014 Impact Sprinkler

The 20 series full-circle impacts are Senninger’s most economical sprinklers. The 20 Series has a wide range of nozzle and vane combinations for excellent distribution at all pressures. Used with Hand Tight Nozzles.

Support in the Wash Tank

The Fan Spray is gaining popularity among ingenious banana growers using it during post-harvest processing to distribute water uniformly over 100% of wash tanks. The versatile Fan Spray can be mounted upright or inverted. Its durable design allows the use of any fertilizers, agrochemicals, and insecticides.

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Fan Spray

Senninger has been working together with banana growers since 1977. Our sprinklers have allowed smaller and large-scale producers obtain an average of 2,500 a 2,800 boxes of banana yield per hectare across Latin America and other producing regions. Through our many years working with this crop, we have helped install brand new systems for upcoming plantations and retrofit existing irrigation systems to help producers increase production.