Irrigation Solutions for Banana Producers


At Senninger®, we understand the water needs of your banana crops and recognize that the optimal amount of water is critical to achieving excellent final production.

Aware of your daily challenges on your plantation, we've developed remarkably durable sprinklers resistant to various field conditions. Our clients have validated that our banana sprinklers can last 2 to 3 times longer than others on the market, which not only demonstrates their performance in the field but also helps ensure a greater return on investment.

Furthermore, our sprinklers are crucial for achieving high efficiency in irrigation systems, as they reduce energy costs by operating with less energy and water volumes while delivering a highly uniform distribution. Our sprinklers offer the additional benefit of supplying water as gentle as natural rain, helping protect the soil against erosion, and caring for your crops to preserve their development and stability.

Our commitment is to provide you with efficient sprinklers in water and energy use and contribute to a more favorable return on investment for your business.





The mini-Wobbler™ stands out against micro-sprinklers for its design focused on delivering water instantly in a larger, highly uniform instant pattern. Its droplet size is like that of gentle rain, resulting in better soil penetration without compacting it and helping to reduce evaporation losses.





The uniformity of the Xcel-Wobbler™ sprinklers and their soft rain-like application make them ideal for germination, fertigation, salt leaching, and frost protection. Their high uniformity ensures for full-coverage irrigation, while their low-pressure operation uses about 30% less energy than traditional systems.




Smooth Drive™

The Smooth Drive™ is the leading sprinkler in banana cultivation worldwide. It is specially designed for full coverage and under-canopy irrigation in extensive areas. It stands out for its unique walking diffuser, which is unique in the market and guarantees exceptionally uniform water application, helping avoid the formation of dry zones thanks to its design.




2014 Impact Sprinkler

The full-circle 20 Series 20 impact sprinklers have established Senninger's leadership in optimizing banana irrigation systems for over 35 years. We offer a variety of models based on trajectory and base connection preference, all compatible with our hand-tight nozzles designed to facilitate use and optimize irrigation efficiency.


Support in the Wash Tank

Ingenious banana producers use the Fan Spray in wash tanks at banana packing stations. This versatile sprinkler can be installed vertically and inverted, adapting to various installation needs. Thanks to its durable design, it is ideal for applications that include fertilizers, agrochemicals, and insecticides.

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Fan Spray

We have unique sprinklers capable of replacing drip irrigation systems, employing the same flows and pressures, an achievement endorsed by numerous clients worldwide. A notable example is a banana consortium in Ghana. It faced difficulties with its drip irrigation due to insufficient moisture and adverse local weather conditions, resulting in water stress, plant deformity, and low yields. After switching to our Xcel-Wobbler sprinklers, they experienced an impressive 35% increase in their production, proving the effectiveness and adaptability of this technology.


Senninger has stood by banana producers since 1977, providing fundamental support for their watering needs. Today, proudly, our sprinklers are present in approximately 80% of the technified banana plantations worldwide. This achievement is due to our products' exceptional uniformity and durability, and resistance. We are proud of boosting yields exceeding 4,000 boxes per hectare, marking a true milestone in the productivity for this market.