Senninger Patent Information

The following table associates a listed patent article with one or more patent numbers that include at least one claim believed to cover the listed article in accordance with 35 U.S.C. §287(a). If the product you are seeking is not listed, you should not infer that such product is or is not covered by one or more patents or patent applications. Rather, an unlisted product likely means (a) the product you are looking for uses a part common to several product models and that part is marked to identify a feature found in one of those other models, or (b) that Senninger Irrigation, its affiliates or business partners have not provided such information at this time.

  Product Name Product Type
Details Geared i-mini Sprinkler
Details Misters Sprinkler
Details Smooth Drive (Double Brake) Sprinkler
Details Smooth Drive (Walking Diffuser) Sprinkler
Details Xcel Wobbler Sprinkler
Details Xi-Wob Sprinkler
Details UP3 Nozzle Nozzle
Details UP3 Dual Nozzle Carrier Components
Details Double Gooseneck and Truss Hose Sling Components
Details PSR2 Regulator Seat Regulators
Details Magnum Weight (Filled) Weight
Details Tapered Magnum Weight (Utility) Weight