Irrigation Solutions for Corn Producers

Corn growers using irrigation achieve almost 30% more yield than those who only rely on rainfall and Senninger® sprinklers to let you make the most out of every drop pumped. Their uniform distribution pattern helps achieve a more uniform root zone coverage, resulting in higher moisture levels. Plus, their low application intensity prevents run-off and overwatering.



The i-Wob®2 provides the most uniform water distribution compared to any pivot applicator on the market. Its protective shroud guards the sprinkler’s wear surface from the splashing of adjacent sprinklers, grit, and direct UV damage. Designed to last longer in the field, it combines a tough exterior with a gentle rain-like application.


Xcel-Wobbler™ TOP

The Xcel-Wobbler™ TOP takes the instantaneous, uniform distribution pattern of Wobbler® technology to top-of-pipe applications. It produces large wind-resistant droplets in a gentle rain-like application. With its low 10 psi operating pressure and wide area of coverage, it is more economical than other sprinkler packages.



LDN® LEPA bubblers help ensure 95% to 98% of water pumped gets to the crop’s root zone. These sprinklers are installed 8 to 18 inches (20 to 46 cm) above the ground to combat wind-drift and prevent evaporation loss.


LDN® Spray

The LDN® (Low Drift Nozzle) offers growers multiple ways to irrigate and control of the sprinkler’s distribution pattern and trajectory. Its streamlined body can handle the rigors of traveling through tall crops.

Control Your Pressure

Every system experiences pressure fluctuations, resulting in unwanted flow deviations and over and under-watering. Regulators maintain a constant preset outlet pressure with varying inlet pressures, which alleviates pressure differences that can cause an applicator’s area of coverage to change.

Senninger® black and white pressure regulators are renowned for their accuracy, durability, and ability to maintain the overall efficiency of an irrigation system.

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Mingo, KS United States

"I found that with the LEPA bubbler system allowed us to apply the water we have available in a more productive way. The water that is being applied is resulting in less surface moisture and more beneficial subsoil moisture; this should be all producers goal.”
- Bob Holloway


Harrisville, QLD Australia

Ryan Leatch's pivot equipped with the i-Wob2 is now able to apply water at a rate of 18 mm a day using only 11 kW at the pump, which reduced his energy expenses to approximately AUD 3.19 per hour. With a uniformity co-efficiency of 98.4% he knows he is making the most out of every drop pumped.