Irrigation Solutions for Fruit and Nut Producers


The main goal of any irrigation system is to ensure maximum growth in fruit and nut trees’ early years, which promotes healthy root development and maximum production of adequately sized crops. The amount of water orchard trees need varies with size, climatic conditions, and other factors, but overall, the water used by fruit trees is remarkably similar between species.

Factors such as soil type, tree type, planting density, water quality, and operating costs will all determine which irrigation system will be ideal for your unique setup, but Senninger® has multiple options available for micro and sprinkler irrigation.





Senninger® upright and inverted Micro-Sprinklers provide outstanding performance for low volume irrigation in nurseries and greenhouses.





The Senninger® Triad™ is a unique, three-stream sprinkler for orchard irrigation that is ideal for irrigating small root zones associated with young trees. It requires less filtration than traditional micro-irrigation. Its three adjustable nozzles for precise direction and trajectory control.





Senninger® mini-Wobbler™ sprinklers distribute water in an instantaneous, uniform application pattern over a large area. Their low operating pressure and larger droplet sizes result in very low evaporative loss and greater irrigation efficiency.





Senninger® Xcel-Wobbler™ sprinklers' uniformity and gentle rain-like application makes them ideal for germination, fertigation, salt leaching, and frost protection. Their low operating pressure and larger droplet sizes result in greater irrigation efficiency.




Pressure Regulators

Senninger® black and white pressure regulators are renowned for their accuracy, durability, and ability to maintain the overall efficiency of an irrigation system.


A Guide for Success

Download our guide to irrigating orchards and groves to learn how full, instantaneous coverage helps accelerate growth of young trees and brings them into production faster.

Check out our frost protection guide with recommendations on how to combat cold fronts and other extreme climate events and protect crops like fruits, nuts and ornamentals.


Senninger Brochures




Hartmannsdorf, STE Austria

"This sprinkler is the perfect match for our list of needs. Due to the achieved high average uniformity coefficient, we can reduce the water application necessary for frost protection by around 20% compared to impact sprinklers. Furthermore the sprinkler is sturdy and resilient, demands very low pressure to operate, and is low maintenance.” - Johannes Ladenhauf




Boyaca Department, Colombia

Farmers at Olivanto Orchard noticed that olive trees are blooming before the rainy season due to the more efficient water application with Spray Stakes. The growers were also able to apply fertilizer via the stakes to spread this over a larger area, which generated greater productivity in a short amount of time.