Senninger is a leading agricultural irrigation company, having operated for over 60 years in more than eighty nations. We are committed to helping farmers solve their irrigation sprinkler concerns by providing more efficient water application products for their irrigated crops.
Learn about Senninger crop solutions for center pivot irrigation, solid set systems, and nurseries and greenhouses.

Irrigation Guides

Learn more about these highly recommended Senninger technologies for your irrigated land.

  • Irrigation pressure regulator guide

    Pressure Regulator

    The Guide to Irrigation Pressure Regulator shows the importance of maintaining correct system pressure to conserve water and energy.
    Discover the different models available. They reflect continuous innovations since we introduced the first in-line pressure regulator to the irrigation industry in 1966. Learn troubleshooting tips and answers to FAQs.

  • LEPA Close Spacing irrigation

    LEPA Close Spacing

    The LEPA Close Spacing Irrigation page describes how traditional LEPA irrigation system installation evolved into the Close Spacing method. See why Close Spacing is gaining popularity across the United States and various parts of the world.
    Learn the sprinkler options and how LEPA and LESA compare.

  • Wobbler Technology

    Wobbler® Technology

    Your Guide to Senninger Wobbler Technology for open fields, nursery, and greenhouse irrigation to learn the benefits and differences between Wobbler sprinkler heads.
    In the video interviews and stories, you can hear from growers that increased agricultural production thanks to Wobbler Technology.