Xcel-Wobblers Increase Sugarcane Yields and Reduce System Pressure in South Africa

Kaalrug Farm, Barberton, MP
South Africa


Kaalrug Farm, Barberton, MP
South Africa
941 hectares
Operating Pressure
2 to 2.5 bar
In 2018, Clodia saw a 36% increase in sugarcane production when she converted her irrigation system’s emitters to Senninger’s Xcel-Wobblers.

The Challenge

Clodia Sihlangu, Farm Manager at Kaalrug Farm in Mpumalanga, has been growing sugarcane for over 3 years. She has tried various irrigation systems in that time, including drip, center pivots, drag line, and floppy sprinkler technology.

However, she was struggling with the floppy system. “Before I got the Senninger product, it was a flop if I can put it that way,” Clodia said. “With the pressure not balancing out, you find the floppies not rolling.”

On top of the stalling issues and unbalance pressure, the floppy system also required high operating pressures around 43.5 psi (3 bar).

The Solution

Wobblers are designed to help growers like Clodia increase their yields while improving the overall efficiency of their irrigation systems.

With two models available for high-angle and mid-angle trajectories, the Xcel-Wobbler is ideal for sugarcane growers looking to maximize yields and obtain a higher sucrose content from their crop during the vegetative and yield formation stages. It’s been used with success in both the Eastern and Western Hemisphere, helping irrigators produce a consistent cane yield and achieve longer ratoon life.

With the Xcel-Wobbler running at Kaalrug Farm, Clodia noticed how the low operating pressure and high distribution uniformity combined to produce a healthy crop.

The Result

After converting her irrigation system, Clodia was able to lower system pressure at the valve thanks to the Xcel-Wobbler’s low operating pressure. “I can operate my system at 2 to 2.5 bar now compared to before when I had to bring it up to 3 bars,” she stated.

 “You can tell by the even growth on the cane that it works very well. I'm really happy with the delivery as well. I mean, with floppies you have two millimeters that you get in an hour, with this one you get 4.6. My cycles are shorter because I have a lot of water in a short space of time.”

In 2018, the new system further proved its value when it came time to harvest the sugarcane crop. Clodia saw a 36% increase in sugarcane production when she converted her system to Senninger’s Xcel-Wobblers. That’s 116 tons versus the 85 tons of cane she harvested with the floppy system.


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