Why Sprinkler Irrigation?

Corn growers using irrigation achieve almost 30% more yield than those who only rely on rainfall. Irrigation provides adequate moisture to meet the crop ET demands depending on planting date, maturity group, location, and weather.

Plus, it is critical during the reproductive growth stages (tasseling, silking, and pollination) when water stress can have the greatest impact on yield potential. An adequate water supply during the week before and two weeks following tasseling is critical to obtain top corn yields.

Senninger® sprinklers are designed to let you make the most out of every drop pumped. Our low pressure, high performance sprinklers provide:


  • Outstanding Uniformity
    Uniform distribution pattern helps achieve a more uniform root zone coverage, which results in higher moisture levels.
  • Ideal Droplet Size
    Sprinklers distribute water in larger droplets resistant to wind-drift and evaporation loss.
  • Low Application Intensity
    Irrigating with low application intensity prevents run-off and overwatering, which could lead to weed invasion or disease proliferation.
  • Low Operating Pressures
    Lower operating pressures from 6 to 20 psi (0.41 to 1.38 bar) reduce energy costs.

Senninger Solutions

  • i-Wob®2

    The i-Wob2’s unmatched uniformity, large wetted area, and consistent droplet size has made it the most imitated sprinkler on the market.

    Flow Range: 0.80 - 18.35 gpm (182 - 4168 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 6 - 15 psi
    (0.41 - 1.03 bar)

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  • Xi-Wob™

    The Xi-Wob was designed for mounting on semi-rigid PE or steel drops, and flexible hose drops when used with the Magnum Weight.

    Flow Range: 1.09 - 15.78 gpm (248 - 3584 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 10 - 15 psi (0.69 - 1.03 bar)

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  • Xcel-Wobbler™ TOP

    The Xcel-Wobbler TOP is Senninger’s most economical top-of-pipe Wobbler. It’s rain-like application is suitable for all soils and terrains.

    Flow Range: 0.80 - 14.98 gpm
    (182 - 3402 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 10 psi
    (0.69 bar)

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    LEPA applicators gently deposit water 8 to 18 inches near the soil surface. They provide 20% more water to the soil than conventional spray nozzles.

    Flow Range: 0.27 - 18.35 gpm (61 - 4168 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 6 - 15 psi
    (0.41 - 1.03 bar)

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  • LDN Spray

    LDN pads deliver different spray patterns and droplet sizes. Multiple deflector pads can be used to divide a larger flow into more streams.

    Flow Range: 1.09 - 15.78 gpm (248 - 3584 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 10 - 15 psi (0.69 - 1.03 bar)

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  • Pressure Regulators

    Every system experiences pressure fluctuations, resulting in unwanted flow deviations and over and under-watering. Regulators maintain a constant preset outlet pressure with varying inlet pressures, which alleviates pressure differences that can cause an applicator’s area of coverage to change.

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Success in the Field

Location: Mingo, KS USA

LEPA technology lets Bob Holloway produce 50% more corn (a total of 120 acres) with just 250-300 gpm.

Holloway’s farm is located in an area of western Kansas that typically farms corn in half fields due to the hot, dry climate conditions and dwindling water supplies. He realized that to continue farming he needed to give up one irrigated circle or find a more efficient means of watering.

Following his dealer's recommendation, Holloway modified his irrigation installation, converting to LEPA Close Spacing sprinklers with Shrouds and bubbler inserts. This made it possible to apply the water he has available in a more productive way, with less surface moisture and more beneficial subsoil moisture. Holloway found that about 25% more water is getting into the root zone. “This investment can save you money and make you more money with more bushels," he stated.