Senninger: Pioneering Innovations in Agricultural Irrigation

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Senninger Irrigation has been at the forefront of innovations for decades, continually striving to enhance agricultural irrigation for farmers in the United States and worldwide. From their humble beginnings in 1963, with Joe Senninger’s Insect-Proof™ impact sprinkler, his conceptualization of the first quality inline pressure regulator, to today, they have consistently brought groundbreaking solutions.

Plastic Impacts on Pivots

The Windfighter™ impact sprinkler of 1974, was designed specifically to combat wind drift on center pivots.

Pressure Regulation

The birth of the inline pressure regulator in 1966 set the pace. This revolutionary design drastically improved the efficiency and performance of irrigation systems. Not only did Senninger earn several patents for the concept and its enhancements, but this innovation became the bedrock for subsequent industry designs.

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Senninger introduced a simple yet groundbreaking innovation in 1970: color-coded nozzles. This color system made nozzle size identification a breeze, ensuring optimal irrigation system performance. The pursuit of excellence didn't stop there. In 2008, they rolled out the UP3® Easy-Change nozzle, the irrigation industry's first quick-change nozzle. This design, making nozzle changing as easy as a pinch-pull-place-click action, eradicated the tedious task of sprinkler disassembly. Fast forward to 2022, and the Zero Flow UP3 Nozzle emerged. It was not just a nozzle but an answer to pressing agricultural challenges like limited water availability mid-season and targeted chemical application. The Hand Tight Nozzle simplified renozzling on impact sprinklers.

System Design

In collaboration with the University of Nebraska, Senninger developed Hydro, the industry's premier sprinkler package design program for center pivots and introduced it in 1980. The program has gone through many improvements and now contributes to optimum performance for pivot sprinkler packages worldwide. Senninger's WinSIPPTM software, introduced in 1993, showcased the company's commitment to technological integration. This tool enabled users to simulate application uniformity, ensuring optimal solid set irrigation designs tailored to specific parameters.

Spray Nozzles and LEPA

The '70s and '90s saw the introduction of the Fan Spray nozzle and the LDN® (Low Drift Nozzle), respectively. The former tackled water distribution challenges, while the latter presented a multi-deflector pad sprinkler, a unique solution for efficient water distribution.

Partnering with Texas A&M University in the '80s, Senninger birthed the first LEPA (Low Energy Precision Application) applicator—the Quad-Spray not only conserved water and energy but also optimized water access for crops.

Wobbler® Technology

Early WobLoop designed to take Wobbler technology to pivot irrigationSenninger's Wobbler Technology, introduced in 1978, emerged as an industry standard. The unique rotary action providing 360-degree uniform coverage at low pressures became a sought-after concept, leading to various models tailored for different installations and crops.

Senninger took that concept and created a design for use on center pivots – the i-Wob®. Additional improvements culminated in the i-Wob2, the most durable model. Senninger's center pivot sprinkler timeline includes the Xi-Wob™ for rigid drops and the Xcel-Wobbler™ TOP for top-of-pipe installations.

Integral Weight

Acknowledging the challenges of windy conditions, Senninger designed the integral weight for the LDN spray nozzle and then for the i-Wob in 1997. Eventually, it designed the Magnum Weight for areas grappling with metal theft. The Universal Magnum Weight™ combined several connection options into one device to fit on multiple pivot applicators.


Senninger introduced the industry’s only double Goosenecks and Truss Rod Hose Sling, patented in 2002, helped to optimize soak time, improve soil infiltration, and facilitate the conversion of machines to close spacing.

Filter Regulator

2021 saw the unveiling of the industry’s first Filter Regulator. A culmination of pressure regulation and reduced nozzle clogging, this all-in-one device was the embodiment of efficiency, especially with its field-proven PSR™2 internal components.

In conclusion, Senninger's journey is a testament to their unwavering commitment to advancing agricultural irrigation. Their innovations, shaped by a deep understanding of the industry's challenges and needs, underline their leadership and foresight in agricultural irrigation solutions.

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