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Senninger's 80 Series Impact Sprinklers0:32

Senninger's 80 Series Impact Sprinklers

The 80 Series are Senninger’s largest impact. The sprinklers are designed for maximum efficiency at high flow rates. Tags: Solid Set, 80 Series, Full-Length
Maxijet Nursery Pot Stakes0:31

Maxijet Nursery Pot Stakes

The Maxijet Nursery Pot Stakes are available in various models, each corresponding to a different flow rate and orifice style...Tags: solid set micro irrigation products, Maxijet Nursery Pot Stakes, Full-Length
Universal Magnum Weight0:39

Universal Magnum Weight

The Universal Magnum Weight is designed to provide stability on hose drops for all Senninger pivot sprinklers. Tags: pivot components, Weights, Full-Length