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Senninger® Wobbler® Technology is behind every one of our sprinklers carrying the Wobbler name.

They're famous for their ability to spread water in a large, uniform pattern using very low operating pressures. This makes them popular among farmers looking for water and energy savings.

Wobbler sprinklers instantly and uniformly cover their entire wetted diameter. They do this using a unique off-center rotary motion. When the flow hits the sprinkler’s deflector, it creates a thrust which spins it into motion. Then, the grooves in the deflector divide the flow into streams. Because the deflector in a Wobbler sprinkler is off-center, it breaks those streams into droplets as it moves. The droplet size varies based on deflector grooves and the pressure, with higher pressures producing smaller droplets.

These droplets are large enough to resist wind and evaporation, yet small enough to meet soil needs. Plus, since they instantly and uniformly wet a large area, they also distribute water at a lower instantaneous application rate. The lower application rate reduces soil compaction and runoff.

Senninger introduced Wobbler technology in 1978. Over the years, we've developed several Wobbler sprinklers designed to improve irrigation efficiency of agricultural, horticultural, and industrial applications.

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