How Dynamic Drive Sprinkler Transformed Laurent's Farming

Laurent’s Farm, Saint-Bres,


Laurent’s Farm, Saint-Bres,
sunflowers, corn, soybeans, and garlic
80 ha
Field Slope
40 m
Operating Pressure
15 psi
After facing water runoff and high energy costs with his pivot irrigation in Saint-Bres, France, Laurent replaced his old sprinklers with Senninger LDN Dynamic Drive and 15-PSI PSR2 pressure regulators. This change reduced runoff yet maintained the same water application rate. It also led to less soil compaction, enhanced soil health, and a 25% reduction in his electricity bill.

The Challenge

Farmer Lacroutz Laurent grows in Saint-Bres, in the province of Gers in France. He rotates sunflowers, corn, soybeans, and garlic yearly. He has an 11-span pivot irrigation machine to irrigate 80 ha of 3/4 circles, with a 40 m slope between the pivot center and the overhang.

Initially, Mr. Laurent’s pivot used rotating sprinklers that caused runoff. In addition to this concern, Laurent struggled with the high energy costs.

The Solution

Laurent changed the old rotating sprinklers and 30-PSI regulators to use the Senninger LDN Dynamic Drive on drops with 15-PSI PSR2 pressure regulators.

Also, he installed a 60-PSI PRU regulator with his end gun. This solution allowed him to control the water pressure at the end of the pivot, where he was getting more than 100 PSI at the lowest point of his field. 

The Result

With the Dynamic Drive and PSR2 on his pivot, Laurent immediately saw a significant runoff reduction while keeping the same water application rate. 

After harvesting and plowing, he observed less soil compaction. For Laurent, this means that his soil:

  • Has better water infiltration, resulting in less runoff
  • Can hold more water and air
  • Supports the root zone better
  • Hosts more beneficial micro-organisms

He saved 25% of his electricity bill at the electric pump station because he lowered the irrigation system’s operating pressure.

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