Why Sprinkler Irrigation?

Irrigation is key to ensuring stable and sustainable production in coffee plantations. Supplemental irrigation is usually needed to meet coffee's water requirements at different growth stages. Plus, irrigation systems allow growers to simultaneously apply water and fertilizer to help plants better absorb nutrients from the soil.

Senninger’s nursery and greenhouse sprinklers can improve coffee bean germination and plant propagation. Our multi-functional sprinklers’ durable designs and flexibility provide:


  • Ideal Droplet Size
    Sprinklers distribute water in larger droplets resistant to wind-drift and evaporative losses.
  • Outstanding Uniformity
    Uniform distribution pattern helps achieve a more uniform root zone coverage.
  • Larger Nozzles Sizes
    Irrigate or fertigate without the need for sophisticated filtration systems.
  • Smooth & Stable Operation
    Sprinklers won’t break your pipe connections due to excessive vibration.

Senninger Solutions

  • mini-Wobbler™

    The mini-Wobbler reduces the risk of surface sealing due to its relatively flat 10° trajectory and commonly used wide spacing of 20 ft x 20 ft (6 m x 6 m).

    Flow Range: 0.42 - 2.18 gpm
    (95 - 495 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 15 - 25 psi
    (1.02 - 1.72 bar)

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  • Xcel-Wobbler™

    The Xcel-Wobbler is less vibratory than the standard solid set Wobbler and ideal for installations requiring higher flow rates.

    Flow Range: 0.78 - 6.97 gpm
    (177 - 1583 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 10 - 25 psi
    (0.69 - 1.72 bar)

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  • Maxijet

    Maxijet micro-sprays are available in over 15 different spray patterns and paired with the most flexible and durable vinyl tubing in the industry.

    Flow Range: 4.9 - 46.1 gph
    (18.5 - 174.5 l/h)

    Pressure Range: 15 - 30 psi
    (1.02 - 2.04 bar)

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    LEPA applicators gently deposit water 8 to 18 inches near the soil surface. They provide 20% more water to the soil than conventional spray nozzles.

    Flow Range: 0.27 - 18.35 gpm (61 - 4168 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 6 - 15 psi
    (0.41 - 1.03 bar)

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  • Pressure Regulators

    Every system experiences pressure fluctuations, resulting in unwanted flow deviations and over and under-watering. Regulators maintain a constant preset outlet pressure with varying inlet pressures, which alleviates pressure differences that can cause an applicator’s area of coverage to change.

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Success in the Field

Coffee irrigation

Brazil produces about a 1/3 of the global coffee production. For over 10 years, Brazilian coffee growers have used Senninger's sprinklers, pressure regulators, and components on nursery and pivot installations to expand their yields and crop quality. Our products have proved beneficial in some of the states with the largest acreage for coffee in Brazil like Minas Gerais and Bahia, where large-scale growers and agri-businesses have noticed:

  • Improvements in been germination and plant propagation
  • Water savings from reduced wind-drift and evaporative loss
  • Reduced energy consumptions costs
  • Better conservation of the soil structure
  • Lower incidence of pests and diseases