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Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP

NEW: Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP

Senninger has expanded its patented Wobbler technology with a new top-of-pipe Xcel-Wobbler employing the innovative UP3 nozzle.


• Low cost top-of-pipe installation

• Lower pressure operation – 10 psi (0.69 bar) – saves energy and provides larger droplet size

• Uses only one moving part and a unique wear-sleeve for longer life

• UP3 Easy change nozzles, full range of sizes for the entire length of the pivot (#6 to #24, including half sizes)

Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP
Nozzle Sizes
#6 - 26
2.38mm - 10.32mm

Flow Range
0.80 gpm - 14.98 gpm
182 L/hr - 3402 L/hr

Pressure Range
10 psi
0.69 bar

Diameters of coverage
43 - 51 ft (at 12 ft)
13.1 - 15.5 m (at 4.57 m)

Maximum Spacing
20 ft (at 12 ft ground clearance)
6.1 m (at 3.66 m ground clearance)


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Xcel-Wobbler TOP & Pivot Components

UP3 nozzles UP3 Nozzles
UP3 Nozzles simplify renozzling. Nozzles are removed in four easy steps: simply pinch and pull to remove the nozzle; then place and click to re-install. There is no need to disassemble the sprinkler to reach the nozzle. Plus, with the UP3 design, the Xcel-Wobbler's base is now an integral part of the bracket.


PSR-&-PSR-2 Pressure Regulators
Senninger pressure regulators limit excessive and varying inlet pressures to a constant outlet pressure. The outlet pressure can be matched to a sprinkler's design pressure regardless of the inlet pressure. Pressure Regulators help maintain sprinkler pattern integrity, distribution uniformity and performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Always use with a 10 psi (0.69 bar) pressure regulator (PSR or PSR-2 recommended).
  • Use a 3/4" galvanized or stainless steel nipple, or Senninger's impact-modified thermoplastic nipple into the mainline (maximum 2 ft length). PVC nipples are not recommended.
  • The Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP is designed specifically for upright installation on top-of-pipe.
  • The Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP is not recommended for a manifold installation of two or more units from a single outlet.


Close Spacing with Bubblers

Texas farmers are mounting Bubblers with just 30 inch spacing between heads and maximizing their water usage with a combination of LEPA (Low Energy Precision Application) sprinklers and conservation tillage practices.

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