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Pressure, Flow & System Efficiency

Pressure regulation can be a confusing subject, that is why we’ve created a quick and easy pressure regulator FAQ to help you understand pressure regulation and why it’s so important. Read up on what regulators do, how to tell if you need one, and how to tell when you need a new one.

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Senninger Irrigation


Design comprehensive irrigation projects with pivots and sprinklers using a simple, intuitive and powerful program. IrriExpress analyses the topography under your pivots and alerts you to potential slope and terrain problems. It optimizes pipe sizes for you and evaluates design alternatives. It’s easy to learn and it saves you time when designing your project.

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Trade Show Calendar

Catch our Senninger sales representatives at the Nebraska Power Farming Show in Lincoln, NE and the Great Lakes Expo in Grand Rapids, MI this December 9th through 11th. We’d be more than happy to help you with your irrigation needs.

Senninger Irrigation

Senninger Irrigation “We’ve found the uniformity is better with the i-Wob than with any other nozzle.”

- Dennis Janke, Texas

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