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Hand Tight Nozzles: the New Standard

Effective May 01, 2014, all* orders for Senninger impact sprinklers will come with Senninger’s new Hand Tight Nozzle.
The one-piece threaded, nozzle vane combination replaces three individual components – the traditional nozzle, the white vane and the nozzle holder – and simplifies in-field nozzle maintenance for dealers and end-users. Learn more.

Senninger Irrigation

Ag Rotor Sensor System

The Ag Rotor Sensor System is a reliable and easy-to-read flow meter that is both economical to maintain and highly durable.
It includes a mechanical meter with an easy-to-read, digital display and a tamper-resistant outer cover. The meter has a high accuracy of ± 2% and an excellent repeatability rate of ± 0.5%. Learn more.

Senninger Irrigation


Use Senninger’s WinSIPP 2 software to simulate sprinkler system layouts for optimal design and uniformity.
Find your ideal irrigation products, test their application uniformity, compare different spacings, sprinkler models, nozzle sizes, and operating pressures. Click here for more information.

Senninger Irrigation

Senninger Irrigation “The i-Wob throws a good size drop with little drift in these dry and windy conditions of Nevada. The water gets to the ground not in the air which is important. If someone wanted to know what I thought of i-Wob, I’d have to say its durability, simplicity and the way it waters.”

- Steve Egger, Nevada

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