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The i-Wob

Outstanding uniformity. A large area of coverage. Rain-like application. The i-Wob is our top selling sprinkler and one of the most efficient sprinklers available for pivot irrigation. With 4 different models available, the i-Wob can be customized to almost any grower’s needs.

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Senninger Irrigation


Design comprehensive irrigation projects with pivots and sprinklers using a simple, intuitive and powerful program. IrriExpress analyses the topography under your pivots and alerts you to potential slope and terrain problems. It optimizes pipe sizes for you and evaluates design alternatives. It’s easy to learn and it saves you time when designing your project.

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Senninger Irrigation

Visit us at the Landscape Expo!

Senninger’s Dan Schueler will be at the Landscape Expo in Long Beach, CA this Wednesday October 29th – October 30th. Stop by and chat with him to learn about new Sennninger products or just pass by to discuss your irrigation needs and concerns.

Senninger Irrigation

Senninger Irrigation “I’ve been using the Senninger i-Wobs for years. I switched from other applicators because of the inconsistent application pattern and susceptibility to wind-drift. The droplet size is large enough not to drift and yet not too large that it will seal or damage my soil at higher application rates. I am very impressed with the products and service Senninger provides.”

- Dan Weaver, Idaho

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