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Why Sprinkler Irrigation?

Water management is essential if you want to increase the quality and yield of nursery crops. Underwatering has immediate effects on plant appearance and growth. Often leading to longer growing period with greater inputs and reduced profits. Typically, underwatering result from inefficient water systems with poor distribution uniformity.

While some areas don’t get enough water, some others can get too wet and become a good environment for disease proliferation.

Senninger® sprinklers are designed to make irrigation easier and more efficient. Our multi-functional sprinklers’ durable designs and flexibility provide:


  • Economical Options
    Overhead irrigation is an economical and efficient replacement for localized irrigation. It’s ideal for growers who don’t have much time or funds to dedicate to their irrigation systems.
  • More Than Just Irrigation
    Wobbler sprinklers can be used for irrigation, frost protection, salt leaching, chemigation, and cooling during hot dry months. Simple modifications like adjusting riser height and spacing are all that’s needed.
  • Instantaneous Application
    Wobblers gently apply a consistent and uniform layer of water over plants, which is deal for frost protection. During irrigation, it ensures salt does not accumulate in pockets.
  • Water Efficiency
    Maxijet spray jets apply water directly to the roots to save water. They can also be used for fertigation by injecting liquid fertilizer through the jets.

Senninger Solutions

  • Fogger

    Foggers reduce air temperature and increase humidity levels inside a greenhouse to create the ideal conditions for plant propagation.

    Flow Range: 1.6 gph (6.05 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 45 - 60 psi (3.10 - 4.1 bar)

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  • Mister™

    Misters are designed for propagation and other low volume applications. Their consistent system start-up is ideal for short-cycle applications.

    Flow Range: 7.5 - 23.4 gph
    (28.4 - 88.6 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 30 - 50 psi
    (2.07 - 3.45 bar)

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  • Maxijet

    Maxijet micro-sprays are available in over 15 different spray patterns and paired with the most flexible and durable vinyl tubing in the industry.

    Flow Range: 4.9 - 46.1 gph
    (18.5 - 174.5 l/h)

    Pressure Range: 15 - 30 psi
    (1.02 - 2.04 bar)

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  • Sprays

    Senninger sprays include spray stakes and sprinklers with fine sprays ideal for delicate stock. Mounting can be either upright or inverted for most of these products.

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  • Wobblers

    Wobblers are characterized by their unmatched uniformity, large wetted area, and consistent droplet size. As Senninger's most versatile sprinklers, they can be used for irrigation, frost protection, salt leaching and more.

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  • Pressure Regulators

    Every system experiences pressure fluctuations, resulting in unwanted flow deviations and over and under-watering. Regulators maintain a constant preset outlet pressure with varying inlet pressures, which alleviates pressure differences that can cause an applicator’s area of coverage to change.

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Success in the Field

Crop: Flowers
Location: Lake Worth, Florida USA

Eric Aanonsen produces about 5-million flowers a year. He tried and tested many sprinklers in search for one that could give him the uniform coverage he was looking for. When he tried the Senninger’s Misters and mini-Wobblers, he got what he calls the “perfect uniformity” and “best coverage”.

Aanonsen noticed there were no dry spots with the Misters, so he installed them in his propagation house to improve root development. He also replaced about 10,000 sprinkler heads in the entire nursery to use the Senninger mini-Wobblers. Since Aanonsen installed Misters and mini-Wobblers in his nursery, he can now control the amount of water each plant receives to keep the moisture content at appropriate levels.

“The other sprinkler heads we used would bypass certain areas," Eric said, "so we had to water twice as much just to get them wet and the other ones were getting too wet. So, the mini-Wobbler has really helped us to keep uniform watering in our 4 1/2-inch pots.”