Corporate Social Responsibility

Every day at Hunter Industries, we strive to conduct business with our core value of Social Responsibility in mind. In 2018, we set new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals to create a sustainable organization that achieves a balance between the people we serve, the planet we impact, and the profit we earn. This report summarizes our progress and highlights our activities in 2020.

Read the 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

There is more to being a manufacturer than product innovation and profitability. The entire family of Hunter Industries companies feels that we are ultimately responsible for the impact caused by our decisions and our actions.

This makes us stewards of not only the environment, but also the communities in which we live, work, and play.

We’ve adopted the triple bottom line focus on People, Planet, and Profit to manage our impact and responsibilities. Our goal is to find a healthy balance between each component to ultimately achieve sustainability.

  • People



    Investing to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the people with whom we interact is vital to creating a responsibly balanced business.

  • Planet



    Decreasing our footprint on the environment while managing the efficient use of resources sets us on the right path toward achieving sustainability.

  • Profit



    Being a profitable company allows us to invest in the success of our industry partners and helps ensure a balance with people and planet.


We know that our business practices affect a wide array of stakeholders. Whether we are engaging with employees, customers, suppliers, community members, or others, we understand that we have a responsibility to impact the people with whom we interact positively.

Continued investment in the development, health, safety, and well-being of all our stakeholders supports us on our journey toward sustainability.

Senninger Helping Others (SHO)

Our team in Clermont formed Senninger Helping Others (SHO), a group focused on the health and well-being of the local community. For the inaugural SHO event in December 2019, 20 volunteers representing every department signed up to purchase, wrap, and deliver holiday gifts for 13 families in need. More than 50 employees donated money to purchase gifts including bicycles, dolls, and tablets.

SHO teamed up with Chick-fil-A® and the Clermont Police Department to host a festive block party where gifts were delivered. Volunteers also worked with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending child bedlessness, to build and donate three beds to local families.

Charitable Contributions

Our Charitable Contributions Committee is comprised of representatives from each of the Hunter Industries' companies. Over the last three years, the Hunter family of companies donated more than $1.8 million to charitable efforts.

As Hunter Industries continues to grow, so will our ability to give back financially to support our communities.

Community Engagement

Senninger® employees gather together for food-packing events. Because many local students rely on reduced or free lunches during the school year, the summer months can be difficult without these packaged meals. Additional meals are sent abroad to those impacted by hurricanes.

Our employees also participate in the Adopt-a-Highway program to help clean-up our community. Senninger sponsors educational events to support teachers and factory tours for local students.

Promoting Training with The Biggest User Challenge

The Biggest User Challenge is designed to support employee learning and development and increase awareness of the Learning Management System (LMS). Each quarter, users are recognized for completing either the greatest total number of training or accumulating the most training hours.

At the end of 2019, Tim Luz, Senninger Test Engineering Technician, was announced as the Overall Biggest User for most training hours completed. He logged more than 100 hours of technical training.


Hunter provides Senninger employees with a wellness program including health insurance, on-site health screenings, and gym membership reimbursement.

The personal and professional development program includes educational reimbursement, online classes and training options, and leadership development. Opportunities are available to help develop financial security through a retirement savings program.


Senninger prides itself on customer service and support. Our mission statement includes a commitment to exceed customer expectations.

This means we strive for on-time accurate product and information delivery, customer product training, and customer resources and tools.


We know that our business and manufacturing practices have both positive and negative effects on our planet. As stewards of the environment, we feel that we have a responsibility to mitigate and minimize negative repercussions whenever possible.

Our customers are doing all they can to sustainably feed a growing population. It's a daunting task, and it is one we take seriously. It's our corporate calling to aid growers across the globe in reaching their sustainability goals while doing our part as manufactures to reduce our global footprint.

To support our journey toward sustainability, we continually analyze and monitor our impacts so we can make decisions that decrease our environmental footprint.

Water & Energy Saving Products

Senninger focuses on conservation specializing in Low Pressure – High Performance products. Our high-performance sprinklers deliver optimum performance to save water and use low pressure to reduce energy costs, which are good for the growers and the planet.

We were honored to be named as a participant in the 2017 IA Vanguard Award for Close Spacing LEPA with several locations across the nation using less or the same water and producing greater yields.

Stopping Water Waste in Clermont

In 2019, we installed water meters at our Clermont facility to gather more granular data. Through this process, we identified leaks in the campus kitchen and the regulator department, both of which contributed to higher water-use numbers.

We are now investigating technology that would automatically shut off the water if a leak is detected.

On-Site Water Conservation

Because testing irrigation products requires water, we recognize the need for recycling. Our test field employs an underlayment to catch and transport water to a collection pond for reuse and the water used inside our test building is recycled.

Additionally, we collect and recycle the water used in our pressure regulator test stations. These actions save about 25% of our water use and are coupled with other water practices which allows us to qualify as a Groundwater Guardian site.

On-Site Energy Conservation

Senninger reduced its monthly energy usage by 10%, despite a 4% increase in energy cost (kWh) over 2018. We achieved electricity savings through a series of modifications that included converting the lights in production and assembly areas from fluorescent to LED and adding on/off switches.

We now have new energy-efficient chillers for the process water used in production and molding. Additionally, we upgraded to a new 125-horse compressor and implemented an initiative to reduce air leaks plantwide.

Waste Mitigation & Recycled Materials

Our injection molding process generates waste in the form of plastic resin runners. We employ a process to collect and regrind much of this waste. Many of our molded parts utilize up to 20% regrind material.

We implemented a mold replacement plan to exchange older molds with ones that use “hot runners” instead to further reduce plastic resin waste.

Water Bottle Replacement System

The water bottle filling station encourages reusable bottles versus plastic single use. We estimate the plastic water bottle savings to be over 17,000 bottles per year.

This saves plastic bottles that might reach landfills from any who did not recycle. This also saves labor of those making the trips to pick up the bottles, stock the production area freezers, and handle the recycled bottles. Additionally, this saves energy of the fuel used to drive and pick up the bottles as well as the electricity required for powering the production area freezers.


Since a strong economic performance is vital for Hunter Industries to achieve our overall company goals, we continually strive to push robust financial growth across all our business units. This lets us fund innovations within the business units of each of our own companies.

It also allows us to invest in our industry as well as our customers to help them meet their own economic goals. Thus, the division of profits between our employees, customers, industry, and company remains a key component in our journey toward sustainability.

Profit Share

Each year, Hunter offers profit-share opportunities to employees based on predicted economic growth in relation to operating costs. At the beginning of the year, the leadership team sets a profit-share goal percentage.

Employees are updated on progress toward the goal on a regular basis. In 2018, 13.25% of total employee salaries were awarded to employees during our year-end profit-share celebration.

Continuous Innovation

As one of our core values, innovation is the heart of our company and drives us to be the best in the industry. Profitability allows us to invest in innovation to help design new products, develop more efficient production methods, and formulate new ways to bring products to market.