Senninger Irrigation: 60 Years of Gratitude and Growing Together

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Senninger is celebrating six decades of gratitude and commitment to all its customers and employees who have helped the company grow to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural irrigation products.

In an interview conducted back on the occasion of the Senninger 50th anniversary, founders Andy and Mark Healy revealed the formula for the company’s accomplishment:

“The Senninger core values, Honesty, Trust, Loyalty, Respect, and Teamwork, have made the company the success it is today.”

Senninger continues to build on the legacy of values and determination from Joe Senninger and the Healy brothers to develop world-class irrigation solutions.

Joining Hunter Industries in 2016, Senninger brought one of the most reputable names in the agricultural irrigation industry to Hunter’s own thriving culture of irrigation innovation and growth to cultivate an even stronger legacy. The Hunter Industries family of companies comprises about 3,600 global operations team members, with manufacturing facilities in the United States and around the world, leveraging state-of-the-art automation and engineering capacities.

This Hunter alignment has allowed Senninger to invest more extensively in the future of agricultural irrigation. Consequently, they have expanded operations in Florida, United States, and Brazil, with new investments in manufacturing operations.

“One of the things that I am truly proud of is the Senninger team here in Florida, as well as the Hunter Industries family of companies globally, where Customer Satisfaction is fundamental to all that we do,” said Senninger’s president Steve Abernethy.

As Senninger marks its 60th anniversary, they have begun an expansion project to double the production area and invest in automation to improve capacities and meet customer demand. This expansion will also allow them to add offices and meeting rooms to facilitate customer and team training events in best practices with agricultural irrigation. Improving yields for growers while conserving our precious water resources is critical to meeting the demand for food and fiber around the world.

Additionally, Senninger is investing in its teams in the field to widen its footprint globally and ensure it can support customers locally with best-practice irrigation solutions that meet each customer's and region's unique irrigation needs.

“With the accelerated growth we are seeing, we are expanding our facilities and our team of agricultural irrigation experts, committed to providing world-class products and solutions to our Senninger customers,” said Steve Abernethy.

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