Three Start-Up Checks For Your Sprinkler Package

Monday, February 21, 2022


Speed - Make sure you know the speed of the pivot at 100% to ensure it matches the sprinkler chart.  Make sure it has not been altered last season.

Flow - If you have a flow meter, verify the readings to ensure the flow matches the system design shown on your sprinkler chart.  Turn the system on and check for leaks in pipes from the water source to the pivot.

Pressure - Using a pressure gauge, verify your pressure at the pump, pivot point, and at the end of the pivot.  Make sure those match your sprinkler package chart.

Pressure Regulators

Because pressure impacts flow, pressure regulators are critical to the overall sprinkler and system performance.  Depending on the hours they have operated and the water quality they will wear.  Check for possible leaking pressure regulators.  You can check a few pressure regulators from various points along the pivot by taking them to your dealer for flow testing.  If you prefer, you can install a pressure drop between the pressure regulator and the sprinkler.  If the pressure is off by more than 10% when compared to the sprinkler chart, you should replace your pressure regulators.


Using your sprinkler chart, verify the nozzle size for each sprinkler location matches the chart.  If the nozzles are wrong, you will likely over-or under-water, and your overall coverage will be affected.  Visually inspect sprinklers for consistency in their distribution patterns.  Ensure that sprinkler overlap is sufficient.  Disassemble any sprinklers with issues and check for plugging or defective parts.  Sprinklers can wear out and will stop rotating or rotate out of control.

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