i-Wob 25 Years

Monday, February 14, 2022

Many years ago, farmers wanted to use the Senninger Wobbler on their center pivot.  They engineered a hook, and then we found a vendor that fabricated a loop.  These were predecessors of the i-Wob, which we introduced in 1997.

There is something to be said for products that are still in demand today after 25 years.  In addition to focusing on new innovative products, we are also focused on product enhancements and improvements so products will meet the ever-changing needs of irrigators.

The i-Wob evolution streamlined the bracket from the previous loop and added a weight to combat the wind.  Moving the weight below reduced the amount of weight that was needed.  The introduction of easy-clean easy-change UP3 nozzles added convenience and labor savings for renozzling.  Then adding a protective shroud and improving the wear surfaces increased product longevity, while the protective cover also provided an integral dual nozzle carrier.

i-Wob evolution from 1997 to the i-Wob2, released in 2018

Wobbler® Technology

Wobbler® Technology applies to Senninger® sprinklers that instantly and uniformly cover their entire wetted diameter. They do this using a unique off-center rotary motion. When the flow hits the sprinkler’s deflector, it creates a thrust that spins it into motion. The grooves in the deflector divide the flow into streams. Because the deflector in a Wobbler sprinkler is off-center, it breaks those streams into droplets as it moves. Accomplishing this distribution pattern at very low pressures makes them popular among farmers looking for water and energy savings.

The unique design of the Wobbler® also delivers a very gentle distribution pattern instantly over a large area of the soil surface. This low application intensity reduces the impact of the sprinkler’s pattern on the soil structure. The lower instantaneous application rate reduces soil compaction to help reduce runoff and wheel tracking.

Deflector Models

The i-Wob2 is available in four different color-coded deflector models

The i-Wob®2 is available in four different color-coded deflector models based on trajectory and overall droplet size.

  • The Grey deflector is the SA6 model – Standard-Angle with 6 grooves which produces small droplets
  • The Black deflector is the SA9 model – Standard-Angle with 9 grooves which produces medium-sized droplets
  • The Blue deflector is the LA9 model – Low-Angle with 9 grooves which produces medium-sized droplets
  • The White deflector is the LA6 model – Low-Angle with 6 grooves which produces large droplets

Soil, Crop, And Climate

The most important things are soil characteristics, crops, and climatic conditions.

At Senninger, we believe the optimum droplet size is the largest droplet possible that does not have adverse effects on soils or crops. No droplet size is ideal for all situations, so we believe droplet size should be tailored to each unique installation.

Some manufacturers claim their sprinklers produce one size or the ideal droplet size. We understand smaller droplets fall closer to the sprinkler, mid-sized droplets travel a further, and larger droplets travel further still. That is what helps them provide a longer distance of throw. Studies show that the larger droplets break apart into smaller droplets as they travel and then fall to the ground. This helps provide a more uniform distribution pattern.

Irrigation professionals know that the most important things are soil characteristics, crops, and climatic conditions. This helps identify the best application rate and irrigation schedule.

Droplet Size

The factors that impact droplet size

The most important factors impacting droplet size are:

  • Nozzle orifice diameter.
  • Sprinkler operating pressure. 
  • Deflector geometry of the grooves and trajectory.
  • Deflector movement, including the rotation speed and wobble.

25 Years Of The I-Wob Offers

  • Low operating pressure, which saves money and energy
  • Uniform distribution pattern improves irrigation efficiency and promotes even crop growth
  • Low application intensity helps preserve soil structure and prevent runoff
  • Several deflector models offer varying trajectories and droplet sizes
  • The i-Wob®2 is backed by the longest warranty in the industry –3 years– on materials and workmanship. Senninger is the only manufacturer to warrant performance also.

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