Mark Healy, 55 Years of Contributions to the Irrigation Industry

Monday, April 26, 2021

To commemorate WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES DAY on April 26, we want to recognize our own Mark Healy.

Mark was selected as the winner of the 2020 Edwin J. Hunter Innovator of the Year Award. He was chosen from a group of 20 employees who each received CEO Innovation Awards from Greg Hunter throughout the year.

With 55 years of contributions, Mark continues to assist Senninger in delivering innovative irrigation products to growers worldwide.

A prolific engineer, Mark received the Irrigation Association’s Industry Achievement Award for “outstanding contributions to the development of the irrigation industry and the products” in 1994, along with his brother, Andy Healy.

Among his many accomplishments, he helped design the industry’s first in-line pressure regulator in 1966 and has since followed with a long list of innovations that have revolutionized how irrigation products are designed and manufactured.

His unique contributions include plastic sprinklers for center pivots (1971), the first six-degree “Wind fighter” center pivot sprinkler (1974), the first color-coded sprinkler nozzles (1970), Wobbler® technology (1978), Hydro Sprinkler Package Design Software (1980), the LEPA Quad Spray (1986), integral sprinkler weights (1999), thermoplastic gooseneck and truss rod hose sling (2002), the quick-change UP3 nozzle (2008), and the hand tight nozzle for impact sprinklers (2014).

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