WEBINAR: Nursery Irrigation Basics and Insights from a Veteran Nurseryman

Thursday, January 7, 2021

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Corey Lambert of Buckhorn Nursery in Zolfo Springs Florida and Corbett Falgout, Senninger’s Sales Manager for the Eastern USA, about the basics of setting up a nursery irrigation system.

During the live webinar, we discussed how to select the core components of a system, including pumps, piping, pressure regulators, and sprinklers before turning to Corey and learning how he made use of these components every day while working in his family’s nursery.

Corey explained how Buckhorn has reworked sections of the nursery for improved performance by replacing sprinklers, lowering system pressure, and finding the right mix between overhead irrigation and drippers.

He also expanded on how Buckhorn manages their mist houses for propagation using a computer to determine the misting cycle based on greenhouse temperature, as well as the varied structures they have built to manage climate control across the location.


We are excited to share that the webinar with Corey and Corbett was recorded and is now available on-demand on Hunter University. You can watch the webinar at your convenience on any device and download the resources we made available to all participants, including our new Nursery Irrigation Guide




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