Improving Irrigation Efficiency with Low-Pressure Wobbler® Sprinklers

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Some of the water systems that prove most beneficial worldwide are those with low-pressure sprinklers and pressure regulators. They provide significant savings in energy and water costs and, in many cases, can improve crop quality and increase yields. These benefits explain why low-pressure irrigation systems have gained popularity among farmers challenged by low water availability, high energy costs, and the growing need to produce more food and fiber.

Senninger Wobbler sprinklers are among the low-pressure sprinklers that irrigators across the globe have used to get the most out of their irrigation systems. Many growers have been changing high-pressure sprinklers to use Senninger heads and pressure regulators and are getting multiple returns.

How Wobbler Sprinklers Can Help

Wobbler technology has proved to be one of the most effective irrigation solutions for pivot and solid set installations.  Senninger Wobbler sprinklers are designed for low pressure operation (10 psi or 0.41 bar), which lowers total pumping costs by reducing horsepower requirements and energy consumption.

Energy savings vary depending on the specific irrigation system, hours of operation, flow, and pressure used. Still, farmers can expect to see energy savings of about 50-percent with the low-pressure Wobbler sprinklers.

Wobbler sprinklers instantly and uniformly cover their entire wetted diameter thanks to a unique off-center rotary motion of grooved deflectors. This technology helps maintain the integrity of the sprinkler’s application pattern against wind-drift and evaporation.

Wobbler sprinklers apply a 360-degree wetted pattern over a larger area to reduce the instantaneous application rate. Their lower application intensity onto the soil helps maintain the soil’s infiltration capabilities to minimize soil compaction and runoff.

Senninger's pivot irrigation line includes three Wobbler sprinklers: the i-Wob2, the Xi-Wob, and the Xcel-Wobbler TOP. All three models have similar low pressure, high-performance benefits, but each model is best suited for a different type of installation.

i-Wob®2: The Latest in Wobbler Technology

The i-Wob2 is the next generation of Senninger Wobbler sprinklers for pivot irrigation. Senninger improved on the i-Wob UP3’s design to make the i-Wob2 last longer and capable of better withstanding harsh operating conditions.  It comes backed by the longest warranty in the industry – three years on materials, workmanship, and performance.

The i-Wob2 features a shroud that protects its wear surface against the splashing of adjacent sprinklers, grit, and the effects of direct UV. The protective shroud also doubles as a nozzle carrier of two additional UP3 nozzles to allow growers to change their flow as needed.

With four different models that produce multiple droplet sizes and trajectories, the i-Wob2 is designed for use on flexible hose drops and is suitable for virtually any field or situation, including windy conditions, difficult soils, high profile crops, and more.


Xi-WobThe Xi-Wob is ideal for installing on semi-rigid PE & steel drops due to its counter-balance design and can even be installed on flexible hose drops with a Senninger weight. Growers can tailor the Xi-Wob's droplet size to the soil's needs by selecting proper deflectors and operating pressures. Like the i-Wob2, it provides low operating pressure and a wide coverage area to reduce application intensity.


Xcel-WobblerTM TOP

Xi-WobThe Xcel-Wobbler TOP can be mounted along the center pivot's entire length using nozzles from #6 through #26. It provides a gentle rain-like application over a large area suitable for all soils and various terrains. A sprinkler package with the Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP and the 10-psi PSR2 pressure regulator can be more economical than typical top-of-pipe solutions.

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