Tech Tip: How to Use the Maxijet Select Tool

Monday, June 29, 2020

Maxijet Select helps you fully customize a micro-irrigation assembly with the components of your choice.

This online tool guides you each step of the way as you create either a Stake Assembly or a Vertical (Drop) Assembly with the spray jet, tubing, and accessories most suitable for your crop.

Navigation is simple. Click the “NEXT” button to move forward or the “PREV” button if you want to go back and change any of your selections. Make sure you drag the vertical scroll bar up and down to see all the options available.

Start by selecting the spray jet and the orifice size of the spray jet. The orifice size determines the flow rate at different operating pressures from 15 to 30 psi (1.02 to 2.04 bar). These are color-coded for easy recognition.

Next, you can select a stake (or weight in the case of drop assemblies), the tubing type, and the tubing length. You can add accessories like flow controllers, microfilters, or on/off valves to complete your custom assembly.

Maxijet Select
The part number/code in this example is for a Max-14 Fill-In spray jet with the smallest orifcice size (black), a black 13" clip stake, 24" of black vinyl tubing, and a flow control device.

After you make your selections, Maxijet Select provides a part number/code you can use to get a quote, place an order, or request more information.

This code will let your nearest distributor or Senninger customer service representative know exactly what you want to include in your customized Maxijet assembly.

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