Which i-Wob®2 Model Should You Use?

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The i-Wob2 is available in 4 different models. What makes each model different is its unique color-coded deflector pad: black, blue, white or grey. Each deflector pad produces a different droplet size and distributes water at a different trajectory. 

For example, the i-Wob2 model with the grey deflector pad distributes water in smaller droplets ideal for clay soils and small-seeded crops.

In contrast, the i-Wob2 model with the white deflector pad distributes water in larger droplets ideal for sandy soils. These droplets are also distributed at a low angle in order to combat strong winds.

The chart below highlights the differences in trajectory and droplet size for each model:

i-Wob2 deflector pads

The different deflector pad options let growers control their sprinklers’ droplet size to best suit their soil and crop requirements.

This is what makes the i-Wob2 suitable for virtually any field or situation —including germination, windy conditions, difficult soils, high profile crops, and more.

If you are still wondering which i-Wob2 model is ideal for your customers, the graphic below makes it easy to select a model based on two simple criteria: soil and wind speed.

i-Wob2 deflector pads

Small droplets are ideal for tight, clay soils and low wind speeds. Medium-sized droplets are ideal for silty and loamy soils and average wind speeds. Meanwhile, larger droplets are ideal for sandy, porous soils and high wind speeds.

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