Why the Threaded Pot Stake is the Best Spray Stake Available

Friday, September 20, 2019

With Maxijet sprays and components in our product line, we now have three spray stakes available for nurseries and containers. There are benefits to all three models of course, but one of our new favorites is the Maxijet threaded pot spray stake due to its precision, flexibility, patented design.

Every aspect of the stake –from the very top to the bottom– has been carefully designed to make irrigation easier and more efficient.

Starting from the top, the threaded pot spray stake has step in the inlet that allows it to receive 0.140" ID tubing or 0.125" ID tubing. This works with polyethylene (PE) or vinyl tubing.

Regardless of the type of tubing used, the threaded pot spray stake will accurately deliver the exact amount of water specified in the performance chart because it is a built-in nozzle.

This means the pattern will never be affected at the inlet point regardless of how far out the tubing is from the lower seat. The black model will always distribute 6.4 gph of water, the blue model will always distribute 10.5 gph of water and so forth.

We feel this makes the threaded model stand out when you compare it with the grooved pot spray stakes. In the grooved model, the groove is what actually defines the pattern and determines the amount of water delivered.

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