Senninger Expands its Micro Irrigation Offering by Promoting Maxijet Product Line

Monday, February 11, 2019

We are pleased to announce Senninger is expanding its micro-irrigation product line by promoting Maxijet micro-sprays and components, designed for easier and more efficient micro-irrigation. 

For over 40 years, Maxijet has strived to save water for generations to come. The company prides themselves on quality products and customer service while leading the way with innovations allowing farmers to do their best to save water while growing their plants. Senninger’s focus on conservation and their dedication to providing customers with water-saving technology led them to offer the Maxijet line of micro irrigation products as part of their agricultural and horticultural offerings.

“My Maxijet team and I are really excited about joining forces with the Senninger Team,” said Samuel Thayer, President of Maxijet. “I can’t think of another company that so complements our passion for quality, ingenuity, customer service and taking the utmost care of our employees. I feel it’s an added bonus that we are both Florida manufacturers developing unique water conserving irrigation solutions for farmers for over 40 years.”

Maxijet micro-sprays are available in multiple patterns, with the popular Max-One Spray Jets boasting over 15 different spray patterns for orchards, greenhouses, nurseries, specialty crops, and ornamental trees.

All models promoted by Senninger are designed with lock-tight threads for vinyl or PE tubing to hold the spray pattern in position. This stability coupled with their multiple spray patterns makes them suitable for just about any application from irrigation to fertigation and even frost protection.

The micro-sprays are paired with the most flexible and durable vinyl tubing in the industry, enhanced to increase the entire assembly’s resistance against algae build-up and extreme weather conditions.

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