i-Wob2: Suitable for Virtually any Field or Situation

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Senninger has improved on the i-Wob UP3’s design with the next generation i-Wob2, Senninger’s longest lasting pivot Wobbler.

Like the i-Wob UP3, the new i-Wob2 is also available in four color-coded models that produce a different droplet sizes and angle of throw. This is what makes our Wobbler technology suitable for virtually any field or situation, including germination, windy conditions, difficult soils, high profile crops, and more.

Growers can tailor the i-Wob2’s droplet size and trajectory to one that best suit their unique installation, soil and crop requirements:

  • The black deflector model has a standard-angle trajectory and medium-sized droplets ideal for silty and loamy soils. This is the most requested i-Wob2 model as it is suitable to most applications.
  • The blue deflector model features a low-angle trajectory and medium-sized droplets, much like the black deflector model. However, the blue deflector’s lower angle trajectory helps growers in windy areas who are concerned about excess wind-drift losses.
  • The white deflector model has a low-angle trajectory and large droplets that are best for sandy soils. This model is also commonly seen in areas with very strong winds.
  • The gray deflector model has a standard-angle trajectory and small droplets, ideal for tight, clay soils. The smaller droplet size helps prevent run-off and soil sealing.

The i-Wob2 is well suited for various soil textures due to the variety of droplet sizes available. Ideally, droplets should be large enough to resist strong winds and evaporation, but not so large as to disrupt the soil. A basic rule to follow is: the lighter the soil, the larger the droplet; the heavier the soil, the smaller the droplet. In addition to its four customizable deflectors, the i-Wob2 comes with a wide range of nozzles. Thus, the droplet size can be tailored to the needs of the soil while the flow rate can be adjusted for specific crop and climatic needs.

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