i-Wob2: The Latest in Wobbler Technology

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Poor water quality, chemicals and effluent water can all be tough on sprinklers, causing wear and tear, and shortening their working life.

That’s why Senninger recently introduced the i-Wob2, the wobbler that’s designed to last even longer in the field.

The i-Wob2 features a protective shroud, which guards the sprinkler’s improved wear surface from  the splashing of adjacent sprinklers, grit and direct  UV damage.

Senninger Marketing Director Diann Ilkenhons says another benefit of the i-Wob2 is the integration of a dual nozzle carrier feature on the shroud.

“Some growers need or want to change their  sprinkler flow throughout the growing season,”  she explains, “and since the protective shroud doubles as a nozzle carrier, those nozzle changes are quick and convenient.”

The i-Wob2 also comes with a three-year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance. That’s the longest pivot sprinkler warranty in the industry.

Four Models For Different Situations

Different deflectors and operating pressures give growers the ability to customize droplet size to the needs of the soil. Like the i-Wob UP3 nozzle, the i-Wob2 is available in four different deflector models:

  • The black deflector has a standard-angle trajectory,
    a 9-groove surface and medium-sized droplets, making it ideal for silty and loamy soils
  • The blue deflector features a low-angle trajectory,
    a 9-groove surface and medium-sized droplets for silty and loamy soils
  • The white deflector has a low-angle trajectory,
    a 6-groove surface and large droplets that are right for sandy soils
  • The gray deflector has a standard-angle trajectory,
    a 6 groove surface and small droplets, ideal for tight, clay soils

Ilkenhons says Senninger will continue to produce the i-Wob UP3, as well, so growers can choose the best sprinklers for them.

“The i-Wob is still an excellent choice for many growers,” she says, “but those with difficult water conditions or those desiring a longer, three-year warranty will choose i-Wob2.”

A Little Wobbler® History

Senninger introduced Wobbler technology in 1978. Using grooved deflectors to divide a flow into numerous streams of water keeps them in a constant wobbling motion to further divide each stream into consistently sized droplets. The consistent droplet size is what helps maintain a sprinkler’s pattern integrity against wind drift and evaporation. This technology soon became an industry standard.

The i-Wob was introduced in 1997 and is the most imitated sprinkler in irrigation. Ilkenhons says that’s because others recognize the uniformity and low application intensity benefits of Wobbler technology.

Now, in 2018, Senninger introduces the i-Wob2 for added durability and longevity. “Senninger is always looking for ways to improve our products,” Ilkenhons says, “and this offering demonstrates that commitment.”


Originally published as "The Latest in Wobbler Technology." Valley PivotPoint Magazine. Spring 2018



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