New SennREG App for Testing Pressure Regulator Performance

Friday, January 19, 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of SennREG, for iOS and Android devices. The SennREG mobile app is designed to help irrigators and irrigation distributors test a pressure regulator’s performance.

SennREG shows the correct output pressure of a pressure regulator based on a system’s overall pressure, nozzle sizes, and flow. It then lets users input their actual output pressure and shows them if their pressure regulators are operating correctly, nearing the end of their life, or if they need to be replaced. It also displays the ideal flow rate at different pressures. Users can switch between imperial (US) and metric units of measurement.

Senninger releases SennREG consistent with their leadership in promoting the importance of keeping correct system pressure to conserve water and energy.


How to Use SennREG

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