Irrigation Solutions From Top To Crop

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Innovative irrigation solutions from Senninger have led the industry since the company’s inception. 

The Florida-based sprinkler manufacturer keeps an ongoing focus on enhancing irrigation practices by providing growers with reliable products that offer not only water productivity, but also water efficiency.

The new Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP, LDN Bubbler Pad and the Shroud illustrate the company’s wide range of solutions designed to meet specific irrigation needs, from the top of the pipe to close to the crop.

Xcel-Wobbler™ UP3® TOP

Senninger has expanded their patented Wobbler technology™ with a new top-of-pipe Xcel-Wobbler that uses the innovative UP3 easy-change nozzle.  The new Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP can be mounted along the entire length of the center pivot using nozzles from #6 through #26.

This sprinkler works at low pressure to save energy while delivering wind-resistant large droplets. The product is cost-effective, as well. A sprinkler package with the Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP, the PSR pressure regulator, and a steel nipple can cost less than typical top-of-pipe solutions.

Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP provides a gentle rain-like application suitable for all soils and various terrains. Consistent with Wobbler technology, it delivers an instantaneous application over a large area. This approach minimizes the impact of the sprinkler pattern and preserves soil structure and infiltration capabilities. It also helps prevent run-off and wheel rutting.


Close Spacing with LDN® Bubbler Pads & LDN Shroud

Technological evolution is geared toward improving performance, providing specific solutions, and addressing challenging conditions. One such irrigation technology started 30 years ago with a close partnership between Senninger and the researchers at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center, through which was developed the first Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA) sprinkler.

Today, LEPA has evolved into installations where the sprinklers are placed 30 inches apart ‒ known as close spacing. By combining the use of Low Drift Nozzle (LDN) Bubbler Pads or LDN Shrouds with conservation tillage, growers are seeing water savings and increased yields. Close spacing installations of LEPA sprinklers offer the following advantages over other irrigation methods:

·         Reduce evaporation loss

·         Avoid wetting crop leaves

·         Prevent wind-drift losses

·         Achieve a more uniform root zone coverage

·         Maximize effectiveness of water usage

Sucess with close spacing can be improved by using the right irrigation equipment and correct farming practices for various field conditions. Because close spacing sprinklers are mounted 8 to 18 inches above the ground to prevent wind-drift and evaporation, they are best suited for relatively flat farms. Strip-till and no-till farming methods are recommended to avoid run-off.

Circle planting allows the bubble application to be centered in furrows. It is used by growers who want to prevent wetting the crop canopy. The LDN Bubbler Pad gently deposits water directly into the furrows, creating a narrow stream that avoids wetting the foliage. This aerated stream provides a cascade of bubbling water that resists high temperatures and strong winds, allowing 20% more water to reach the soil compared with spray irrigation.

By contrast, the LDN Shroud deflects water down in a wide, dome-shaped pattern that gently delivers the water without spraying. This product is ideal for germination, low crop watering, and sensitive soils that are prone to compaction. Due to its less concentrated distribution pattern, LDN Shroud can be used on fields without furrows and on rolling terrains.

Both options can conveniently be converted back to spray irrigation with just a flip of the deflector pad.



Published as “Solutions from Top to Crop”. Pivot Point. Spring 2016. Print.



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