Water-efficient mini-Wobblers and Xcel-Wobblers

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mini-Wobblers are suitable for Solid Set, Nursery & Greenhouse Irrigation. They provide instantaneous and uniform coverage over a large area. Mini-Wobblers are designed to operate at low pressures and deliver consistently sized droplets resistant to wind-drift and evaporation. As is typical of Senninger® Wobbler® technology, these little maximizers help growers save energy and increase benefits through efficient irrigation practices.

The upright mini-Wobbler™ is often used for container crops or in field irrigation.  It mounts readily to a riser adapter which offers great installation flexibility with the ability for easy relocation from one field to the other.  The inverted model, ideal for tunnels with high walls, allows unobstructed cultivation inside the greenhouse.

Xcel-Wobbler’s larger flows provide a greater area of instantaneous application minimizing the impact of the sprinkler pattern preserving the soil structure and infiltration capabilities.  It also helps prevent run-off.  This energy-saving sprinkler can achieve a Distribution Uniformity in excess of 95%, with very low evaporative loss.  Its counter-balance design reduces vibration for smooth, stable performance.  Xcel-Wobbler is ideal for germination, salt leaching, and frost protection.


Senninger® Wobbler® Technology

In 1978 Senninger marked an important milestone by introducing Wobbler technology™, which combined the rotation of a grooved deflector with wobbling action.  This innovative design launched a new generation of sprinklers, providing irrigators with the benefits of lower application intensity, excellent distribution uniformity and large area of coverage at low pressures.

Featuring these benefits, mini-Wobblers and Xcel-Wobblers have become two of the most effective water applicators for the Solid Set systems.



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