Senninger® Celebrates its 56th Anniversary

Sunday, March 24, 2019

For 56 years, Senninger has led the way in the development of many solutions for the agricultural irrigation industry, helping growers meet the food and fiber needs of a growing population worldwide.  It all began when Joe Senninger created the industry’s first Insect-Proof™ Impact Sprinkler to solve a common problem for growers in Central Florida. Soon after, Joe’s nephews, Andy and Mark Healy, joined the company bringing their marketing and engineering backgrounds.

Since those early days, Senninger pioneered products and concepts that became industry standards. In 1966, Senninger introduced the irrigation industry’s first in-line pressure regulator. This innovation launched a valuable line of products that have met different installation and customer needs, and have helped irrigators save water and energy. In its continual pursuit of irrigation innovations, Senninger also introduced:

  • Color-coded nozzles, backed by a five-year warranty against orifice wear (1970)
  • First plastic sprinkler heads on center pivots (1971)
  • Six degree “Wind Fighter” center pivot sprinkler (1974)
  • The Wobbler® (1978), which provides the most uniform water application pattern
  • The Super Spray® (1981). The industry’s most versatile spray nozzle. Its interchangeable parts and customizable pattern and droplet size helped make it one of the world’s most popular spray nozzles
  • The Drag Hose Adapter (1982) in response to low water availability in West Texas with the first drag hose adapter for spray nozzles
  • A four-mode LEPA (Low Energy Precision Application) Quad Spray in 1986. LEPA technology has now evolved into one of the most water and energy-efficient irrigation methods ‒ Close Spacing. In 2017, Close-Spaced LEPA installations won the Agriculture category of the Irrigation Association’s new Vanguard Award.
  • The “T-Spray” (1994)
  • The integral weight (1999)
  • Plastic Gooseneck and Truss Rod Hose Slings (2002)
  • Pivot Boom System (2006)
  • UP3® Easy Clean Nozzle (2008)
  • The i-Wob®2, the next generation of Senninger Wobbler technology™ (2018)
  • Senninger adds the Maxijet product line to its micro-irrigation offerings (2019)

In 2016, Senninger became part of the Hunter Industries family of companies.

While Senninger is recognized for their innovations and contributions to the irrigation industry, their employees know that the company success is built upon core values kept throughout the years. Honesty, Trust, Loyalty, Respect, and Teamwork, and the dedication of team members, are the real foundation of Senninger’s achievements. March 24, Senninger celebrates its 56th anniversary loyal to those values and culture, to continue to produce innovative products and develop more efficient irrigation practices.

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