Droplet Size, Application Intensity and Application Rate

Thursday, March 30, 2017

It’s all about the soil.

The outstanding distribution uniformity of wobbler technology is one the reasons that the i-Wob is the most imitated sprinkler of the irrigation industry. The off-center rotary action of a grooved deflector combines with the wobbling action to create consistently-sized droplets. Unlike stream-driven sprinklers, the i-Wob instantaneously covers a 360° area.

Droplet Size
The i-Wob is available with 4 different deflectors to select the droplet size that better matches the soil’s characteristics to get better infiltration and maintain good soil structure. Ideally, droplets should be large enough to combat the effects of strong winds, but not so large as to disrupt the soil.

Application Intensity
While larger droplets resist wind-drift and evaporation loss, their higher kinetic energy can lead to surface sealing and erosion on tighter soils. Smaller droplets are suitable for tighter soils while looser soils benefit from larger droplets.
Because the i-Wob applies water instantaneously over a larger area, it distributes droplets with a lower application intensity. This helps preserve the soil structure and infiltration capabilities.

Application Rate
While the application rate can be adjusted to the specific crop and growth stage, considering only crop needs could result in lesser yields. The application rate of a sprinkler must match the infiltration rate of the soil to prevent runoff, and over- or under-watered areas within the field.
In addition, double goosenecks and truss rod hose slings are perfect for dividing the flow from each outlet in half for two sprinklers in either side of the mainline. This spreads the flow over an even larger application area which helps increase soak time.

i-Wob’s four deflector models

SA6: Standard-Angle
Small droplets (grey)
SA9: Standard-Angle
Medium droplets (black)
LA9: Low-Angle
Medium droplets (blue)
LA6: Low-Angle
Large droplets (white)



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