Irrigation Design Software and Tools

Senninger’s software line includes programs to register and access information on irrigation equipment, design irrigation systems and projects, and calculate the water application rate.

  • Senninger's SennREG App

    Verify pressure regulator outlet pressure (psi/bar) based on your system’s UP3 nozzle sizes and flow (gpm/Ls). Convenient graph displays the condition of the tested regulator.

  • Senninger’s WinSIPP

    Senninger’s WinSIPP3 is a free program to help select the best irrigation products by comparing different sprinkler layouts before installation.

  • Senninger’s Irri-Maker

    Irri-Maker lets you design comprehensive irrigation projects ranging from large-scale agricultural designs to small-scale landscape designs.

  • Senninger’s IrriExpress

    IrriExpress lets you design irrigation projects with pivots, sprinklers and drip using a simple, intuitive, and powerful program.

  • Senninger's Pivot Placer

    Senninger’s Pivot Placer is a free cloud-based portal to store an assortment of information about center pivots. It is compatible with computer, tablet, or smart phone and is accessible from the office, the field, or even at home.

  • Interactive Catalog

    The interactive catalog for PC and mobile devices allows you to download Senninger's entire pivot and solid set catalogs directly to your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Senninger’s Energy Calculator lets you see how reducing pressure saves on fuel.

  • Use Maxijet Select to fully customize your micro sprinkler assembly with the spray jet, tubing, and accessories of your choice.