Fruit & Nut Trees

Why Sprinkler Irrigation?

The main goal of any irrigation system is to ensure maximum growth in fruit and nut trees’ early years, which promotes healthy root development and maximum production of adequately sized crops. The amount of water orchard trees need varies with size, climatic conditions, and other factors, but overall, the water used by fruit trees is remarkably similar between species.

Factors such as soil type, tree type, planting density, water quality, and operating costs will all determine which irrigation system will be ideal for your unique setup, but Senninger® has multiple options available for micro and sprinkler irrigation:


  • Water Efficiency
    Maxijet spray jets apply water directly to the roots to save water. They can also be used for fertigation by injecting liquid fertilizer through the jets.
  • A Jet for Every Situation
    Maxijet Max-One Spray Jets are available in over 15 different spray patterns for blueberry trees, peaches, mature trees and more.
  • More Than Just Irrigation
    Wobbler sprinklers can be used for irrigation, frost protection, salt leaching, chemigation, and cooling during hot dry months. Simple modifications like adjusting riser height and spacing are all that’s needed.
  • Instantaneous Application
    Wobblers gently apply a consistent and uniform layer of water over plants, which is deal for frost protection. During irrigation, it ensures salt does not accumulate in pockets.
  • Low Operating Pressures
    Lower operating pressures from 6 to 30 psi (0.41 to 2.04 bar) reduce energy costs.

Senninger Solutions

  • Maxijet

    Maxijet micro-sprays are available in over 15 different spray patterns and paired with the most flexible and durable vinyl tubing in the industry.

    Flow Range: 4.9 - 46.1 gph
    (18.5 - 174.5 l/h)

    Pressure Range: 15 - 30 psi
    (1.02 - 2.04 bar)

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  • Triad™

    The Triad is a unique, three-stream sprinkler that’s ideal for irrigating small root zones associated with young trees. It has low filtration requirements.

    Flow Range: 0.94 - 1.82 gpm
    (213 - 413 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 10 - 35 psi
    (0.69 - 2.41 bar)

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  • Micro-Sprinkler

    For low volume irrigation over a large area. Senninger’s micro-sprinklers feature an extremely simple, tool-free assembly for cleaning and servicing.

    Flow Range: 7.2 to 81.6 gph
    (27.3 to 308.9 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 20 - 30 psi
    (1.38 - 2.04 bar)

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  • mini-Wobbler™

    The mini-Wobbler reduces the risk of surface sealing due to its relatively flat 10° trajectory and commonly used wide spacing of 20 ft x 20 ft (6 m x 6 m).

    Flow Range: 0.42 - 2.18 gpm
    (95 - 495 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 15 - 25 psi
    (1.03 - 1.72 bar)

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  • Xcel-Wobbler™

    The Xcel-Wobbler is less vibratory than the standard solid set Wobbler and ideal for installations requiring higher flow rates.

    Flow Range: 0.78 - 6.97 gpm
    (177 - 1583 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 10 - 25 psi
    (0.69 - 1.72 bar)

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  • Pressure Regulators

    Every system experiences pressure fluctuations, resulting in unwanted flow deviations and over and under-watering. Regulators maintain a constant preset outlet pressure with varying inlet pressures, which alleviates pressure differences that can cause an applicator’s area of coverage to change.

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Success in the Field

Xcel-Wobbler over Peaches

Crop: Peaches
Location: Brazil

This peach orchard uses Xcel-Wobblers for frost protection. They are installed in a triangular pattern at 39 x 39 ft (12x12 m) with an operating pressure of 20 psi (1.38 bar).

Since their installation, the Xcel-Wobblers have helped irrigation managers reduce water consumption during frost events by 21 gph (80 l/hr) per each individual sprinkler head for a total savings of 36,984 gph (140,000 L/hr) each night.

mini-Wobbler over Walnuts

Crop: Walnuts
Location: Argentina

This 2,471-acre project uses mini-Wobblers in a mixed irrigation system intended for both irrigation and frost protection. They are installed in a rectangular pattern at 16.4 x 26.2 ft (5 x 8 m), with an operating pressure of 20 psi (1.38 bar), and a flow rate of 0.75 gpm (170 l/hr).

The irrigation managers have stated Wobblers are the best option that currently exists in the market for this type of crop as they're not only durable, but they can work with low pressures.

Xcel-Wobbler over Cacao

Crop: Cacao
Location: Ecuador

This cacao orchard uses Xcel-Wobblers for irrigation. They are installed in a rectangular pattern at 29.5 x 29.5 ft (9 x 9 m) with an operating pressure of 25 psi (1.72 bar), and a flow rate of 1.67 gpm (381 l/hr).

Growers found the Xcel-Wobbler can give them uniformities of over 88% while lowering their system’s operating costs thanks to the sprinkler’s low-pressure operation. This installation delivers an average application rate of 5.2 mm/h.