Why Sprinkler Irrigation?

Banana trees require a large amount of water year-round, so your irrigation system has a big responsibility in determining the number of flowers and fruit you can produce, and the size and quality of these yields.

On top of this, the system needs to be durable enough to withstand possible wear from other operations such as harvesting and spraying. Larger plantations also need a low maintenance irrigation system that helps keep the entire operation running as smoothly as possible.

Senninger® sprinklers are designed to make irrigation easier and more efficient. Our multi-functional sprinklers’ durable designs and flexibility provide:


  • Wide Coverage Area
    Wider spacing at low flows can reduce the number of sprinklers and fittings per acre/hectare.
  • Durable Design
    Sprinklers can sustain weight of over 180 lbs. and have changeable nozzles that can be easily replaced.
  • Anti-Theft
    Sprinklers can be cemented to PVC to avoid theft since the sprinkler body is independent of the nozzle.
  • Smooth & Stable Operation
    Sprinklers won’t break your pipe connections due to excessive vibration.
  • Larger Nozzles Sizes
    No need for sophisticated filtration systems.
  • Ideal Droplet Size
    Sprinklers distribute water in larger droplets resistant to wind-drift and evaporative losses.

Senninger Solutions

  • mini-Wobbler™

    The mini-Wobbler reduces the risk of surface sealing due to its relatively flat 10° trajectory and commonly used wide spacing of 20 ft x 20 ft (6 m x 6 m).

    Flow Range: 0.42 - 2.18 gpm
    (95 - 495 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 15 - 25 psi
    (1.03 - 1.72 bar)

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  • Xcel-Wobbler™

    The Xcel-Wobbler is less vibratory than the standard solid set Wobbler and ideal for installations requiring higher flow rates.

    Flow Range: 0.78 - 6.97 gpm
    (177 - 1583 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 10 - 25 psi
    (0.69 - 1.72 bar)

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  • Smooth Drive™

    The Smooth Drive's walking diffuser eliminates bracket leg shadows, which results in an unobstructed, uniform distribution pattern.

    Flow Range: 1.34 - 2.79 gpm (304 - 634 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 25 - 40 psi (1.72 - 2.76 bar)

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  • 20 Series Impact

    The 20 Series full-circle impact sprinklers are Senninger’s most economical applicators. Several models are available.

    Flow Range: 0.84 - 7.13 gpm
    (191 - 1619 L/hr)

    Pressure Range: 25 - 50 psi
    (1.72 - 3.45 bar)

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  • Pressure Regulators

    Every system experiences pressure fluctuations, resulting in unwanted flow deviations and over and under-watering. Regulators maintain a constant preset outlet pressure with varying inlet pressures, which alleviates pressure differences that can cause an applicator’s area of coverage to change.

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Success in the Field

Smooth Drives

Senninger has been working together with banana growers since 1977. Our sprinklers have allowed smaller and large-scale producers obtain an average of 2,500 a 2,800 boxes of banana yield per hectare across Latin America and other producing regions.

Through our many years working with this crop, we have helped install brand new systems for upcoming plantations and retrofit existing irrigation systems to help producers increase production. Several large-scale growers told us that after upgrading to Senninger sprinklers they noticed:

  • Improved water infiltration 
  • Reduced water loss via evaporation
  • The ability to decompose organic materials in the field
  • Reduced energy consumptions costs
  • Stronger root development 
  • Lower system maintenance costs