The Magnum Weight can be used on all of Senninger’s main center pivot applicators.

We are proud to announce the worldwide release of the Magnum Weight, Senninger’s universal thermoplastic weight.

Unlike most drop weights out in the market, the Magnum Weight is a filled weight constructed out of UV and corrosion-resistant thermoplastic. This thermoplastic construction lets us price the weight at just $5.75 per unit*, making it almost 10% less than the One Weight
and making each pivot sprinkler package a little more economical.

The Magnum Weight is also largely immune to price fluctuations common with metal weights dependent on zinc and copper materials for construction. In other words, the low price is here to stay.

Growers working in areas where metal theft is common will also be happy to know that the Magnum Weight contains no metal parts.

To learn more about the Magnum Weight, please email Senninger at or review Senninger’s literature.

*The threaded Magnum Weight used on the i-Wob lists for $5.75 per unit.  The slip model used on numerous sprinklers lists for $5.20.