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Drip vs Overhead Irrigation

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Drip vs Overhead Irrigation

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Originally published in Growing Magazine’s July 2014 issue. Is overhead irrigation a system of the past? We certainly don’t think so! Drip irrigation systems may be highly efficient in water use, but new overhead sprinklers are almost as water and energy efficient. Most people have strong opinions about drip and overhead irrigation systems. Ask a […]

Irrigation for Crop and Soil Cooling

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Irrigation can be used in hot weather to cool crops and soil. This may lead to better yields. Crops absorb water from the soil through their roots. The water is transported through the plant tissues and eventually released through the leaves to the atmosphere as vapor. This is known as transpiration. Evaporation is water that […]

  • Drip vs Overhead Irrigation (Part 5) Originally published in Growing Magazine’s July 2014 issue. Minimal investments for a strong ROI For large-scale commercial growers, overhead irrigation is more economically feasible. Drip systems typically cost $500 to $1,200 or more ... Learn more »
  • Drip vs Overhead Irrigation (Part 4) Originally published in Growing Magazine’s July 2014 issue. Less Complicated Farm Management at a Lower Cost After switching to drip irrigation, growers initially use less water, save money and get similar yields ... Learn more »

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