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In the mid 80’s Senninger worked with researchers at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension Center to release the first Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA) sprinkler.  This technology was developed for center pivot irrigators in the western high plains of the United States who were affected by high energy costs and declining water availability […]

Innovative irrigation solutions from Senninger have led the industry since the company’s inception.  The Florida-based sprinkler manufacturer keeps an ongoing focus on enhancing irrigation practices by providing growers with reliable products that offer not only water productivity, but also water efficiency. The new Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP, LDN Bubbler Pad and the Shroud illustrate the company’s […]

Water availability and pumping costs are two major issues growers and irrigators have faced in recent years.  Unfortunately, these concerns are far from diminishing, with unpredictable rainfall, increasing temperatures and rising demands for energy and water. Keeping farm profits sustainable and at the same time meeting the growing need for more food, will require the […]

A Closer Look at Close Spacing

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In the mid 80’s researchers at the Texas A&M Research & Extension Center worked with Senninger Irrigation to develop the first Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA) sprinkler.  Using LEPA bubble sprinklers close to the ground helped combat wind-drift and evaporation and helped them make the most out of the water they had. A few years […]

We’ve talked a lot about close spacing and LEPA irrigation methods in the past year as drought continues to wreck havoc across farmland in the United States. At Senninger, we believe that LEPA and close spacing methods are a real and tested solution for growers in water scarce regions and we will continue to promote […]

North Texas corn growers with strip-till operations are seeing big yields after doubling their drops to 30″ spacing and installing bubblers. In 2011, Texas farmers were left with bone-dry soils after a record breaking 7 month dry spell and record high temperatures soaring over 100°. The harsh circumstances lead to cracked soils and numerous other […]

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