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Droplet Size, Application Intensity and Application Rate

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It’s all about the soil The outstanding distribution uniformity of wobbler technology is one the reasons that the i-Wob is the most imitated sprinkler of the irrigation industry. The off-center rotary action of a grooved deflector combines with the wobbling action to create consistently-sized droplets. Unlike stream-driven sprinklers, the i-Wob instantaneously covers a 360° area. […]

Irrigation practices can affect your soil as much as tillage, crop rotations, soil amendments, and other management choices. Keeping an eye on sprinkler application intensity and application rate can help prevent surface sealing and crusting. You don’t have to be a farmer to understand that if water, air and nutrients can’t move beyond the soil’s […]

It’s no secret that the US has been hit hard by the drought. To date, the Midwest and Western regions of the country are experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions, while the Great Plains and the South are suffering from extreme to exceptional drought conditions. In light of these harsh circumstances, it is important that […]

The wheel track of a center pivot or linear machine is of great concern to irrigators. Farmers want to minimize the size of the track so that there is less effect on the soil and the crop. Conventional installations use a 180-degree sprinkler to keep water away, creating a dry wheel track. The problem is […]

Different soil types respond differently to water. When it comes to irrigation, application rate must match your soil’s ability to absorb water. High application rates can create surface sealing and runoff, carrying surface soil away. Applying the water at a rate that matches the soil’s needs allows the water to penetrate the soil slowly. Application […]

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