The Senninger Mister is designed for propagation and other low volume misting applications. It provides consistent system start-up – delivering an instantaneous, highly uniform distribution ideal for short-cycle applications. Its built-in internal check valve prevents draining immediately following each irrigation session for inverted models.


• Bridgeless design delivers an uninterrupted 360° pattern

• Multiple connection options are available to retrofit existing systems

• Models available for upright or inverted installations

• Flows:
Upright Model – 6.8 to 23.4 gph (25.7 to 88.6 L/hr)
Inverted Model – 7.5 to 23.4 gph (28.4 to 88.6 L/hr)

• Pressure Range: 30  to 50 psi (2.1 to 3.45 bar)

• Connections:
– 1/2” NPT male
– 3/8” BSW male x 1/4″ female press
– 1/4” Press Fit
– 1/4″ bard

• Easy clean nozzle and check valve with tool-free disassembly

• Backed by a two year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance

• Color-coded nozzles for easy size identification. Five year warranty on nozzle orifice

Upright recommended spacing at 12 inches (31cm) in height above crop.

Inverted recommended spacing at 24 inches (61cm) in height above crop.