The Senninger i-Wob combines wobbler technology’s off-center rotary action with the wobbling action of grooved deflectors to deliver uniformly sized droplets resistant to wind distortion and evaporation. It provides outstanding uniformity over a large area of coverage and a gentle application pattern that preserves the soil’s ability to absorb water. This increases soak time and reduces the potential for soil compaction, soil sealing and irrigation water run-off.
The i-Wob is available with Senninger’s award-winning UP3 nozzles, which make changing nozzles quick, easy and virtually one-handed. Click here to learn more about UP3 nozzles.


• Ideal for installation on Flexible Hose drops

• Flows: 0.80 to 18.35 gpm (182 to 4168 L/hr)

• Pressure Range: 10 to 15 psi (0.69 to 1.03 bar) – ultra low pressures saves time and energy

• Diameters: 31 to 57 ft (9.5 to 17.4 m)

• Backed by two year warranty on materials, workmanship and performance

• Threaded weight available for added stability

i-Wob Models

The i-Wob is available with four different deflectors based on the desired droplet size and trajectory.

Standard-Angle 6 groove (Grey Deflector)

Standard-Angle 9 groove (Black Deflector)

Low-Angle 9 groove (Blue Deflector)

Low-Angle 6 groove (White Deflector)