For over 50 years, Senninger Irrigation has maintained a commitment to innovation – responding to industry needs with new and better products aimed at making irrigation for agriculture and other industries easier, more cost effective and greener.

We have been at the forefront in product research and testing, not only at our Clermont, FL headquarters, but in the field – working closely with researchers, government groups, dealers and growers. All our products are submitted to rigorous in-house product testing as well as actual field testing in various environmental conditions worldwide.

Select from the categories below for more specific information about Senninger Irrigation products and how they can meet the needs of your particular application.

» Mechanized Irrigation

i-Wob ®, Xi-Wob ®, LDN ®, Super Spray ®, Quad-Spray, Goosenecks and more!

» Nursery & Greenhouse

mini-Wobbler ®, Xcel-Wobbler ®, Impacts, Spray Nozzles, Mister, and more!

» Solid Set

mini-Wobbler ®, Xcel-Wobbler ®, Impacts, Spray Nozzles, Smooth Drive TM, and more!

» Pressure Regulators

PSR (pivot), PRL (low flow), PMR (medium flow), PRLG (landscape), PRXF (extended flow), and more!

» Flow Meters

Ag Rotor, Rotor-X, Magmeter, Flow-Wise Monitoring System, and more!

» Mining Applications

Soultions for Heap Leaching, Evaporation, Dust Suppression, Rinsing and more!

» Wastewater & Effluent Applications

Solutions for Wastewater and Effluent Irrigation

» Dairy Solutions

Solutions for Livestock Cooling and Udder Washing