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Senninger products are available through our network of over 2,000 qualified dealers located in over 49 countries worldwide.

Growers, Farmers and Product Users

Do you want to buy Senninger sprinklers or components?

Contact our Customer Service Representatives to find a Senninger Dealer near you! If you are not sure which product is right for you, browse our individual product pages to find a sprinkler or component that works with your irrigation system and unique needs.


Irrigation Professionals

Are you looking to grow your business with Senninger products?

Senninger Sales Managers are industry experts dedicated to supporting the agricultural and industrial irrigation market. Do you have a large or municipal project in the works and want to learn more about what Senninger product to use? Do you want to know more about which sprinklers and components are ideal for your area and market? Contact our Sales Managers to get the service and support you need.



National Sales


Chris Striby Domestics Sales Manager
Chris Striby
Email: | Phone: (407) 877-5655
Brent Wickel Northwest (Idaho, West Montana, West Wyoming, Utah, Nevada)
Brent Wickel
Email: | Phone: (208) 431-0052
Chris Spelic West (Colorado, Kansas)
Chris Spelic
Email: | Phone: (303) 929-8565
Corbett Falgout Southeast (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee)
Corbett Falgout
Email: | Phone: (407) 489-3042
Dan Schueler Southwest (California, West Nevada, West Arizona)
Dan Schueler
Email: | Phone: (559) 269-9224
Daryl Finestead Midwest (Iowa, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ontario, Canada)
Daryl Finestead
Email: | Phone: (515) 443-9499
Edwin Smith High Plains (Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, East Arizona)
Edwin Smith
Email: | Phone: (806) 787-5642
Kenneth-Ewings High Plains (Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, East Arizona)
Kenneth Ewings
Email: | Phone: (806) 787-8237
Ray Glaser Midwest and Central Plains (Nebraska, East Wyoming, East Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota)
Ray Glaser
Email: | Phone: (308) 381-8558
John-Johnston_Contact-Sales Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Northern California, British Columbia)
John Johnston
Email: | Phone: (208) 230-9919



International Sales


Pablo Herrera International Sales Manager
Pablo Herrera
Email: | Phone: (407) 877-5655
Skype ID: pabloherrera2014
Ignacio Robredo, Senninger Regional Manager for Western Europe and Northwest Africa Western Europe and North West Africa
Ignacio Robredo
Email: | Phone: (34) 682-126-132
Skype ID: ig.robredo
Oleg Alexandrov Eastern Europe and Middle East
Oleg Alexandrov
Email: | Phone: (407) 877-5655
Skype ID: Oalexandrov1
Marcus Schmidt Brazil – General Manager
Marcus Schmidt
Email: Phone: (19) 3802-1917 / (19) 97145-6799
Skype ID:
Arthur Lyra de Melo Brazil – Solid Set Product Specialist
Arthur Lyra de Melo
Email: | Phone: (19) 3802-1917 / (19) 9.9838-9057
Skype ID: arthurmelo14
Gustavo Fanelli Hossri Brazil – Center Pivot Product Specialist
Gustavo Fanelli Hossri
Email: | Phone: (19) 3802-1917 / (19) 9.9705-9151
Skype ID: ghossri
Gerhardus Bouwer South Africa
Gerhardus Bouwer
Email: | Phone: (27) 079-557-0512
Skype ID: hardusbouwer88
Juan Carlos Mora South America
Juan Carlos Mora
Email: | Phone: +57-1-885-0029 / +57-310-262-9269
Skype ID: juanc.mora
Oscar Bonilla Central America, Mexico and Caribbean
Oscar Bonilla
Email: | Phone: (502)5482-0849
Skype ID: oscarb2023


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