Senninger Irrigation

Pivots & Linear Systems

Low Pressure – High Performance

Senninger’s full range of pivot and linear system products includes drop sprinklers, top-of-pipe sprinklers, impacts, pressure regulators and goosenecks. These sprinklers are built for efficiency and maximum performance at ultra-low pressures of 10 to 15 psi (0.69 to 1.04 bar).

Drop Hose Sprinklers



Fixed Sprays

The i-Wob is Senninger’s top-selling pivot sprinkler Xi-Wob UP3, drop hose sprinkler for pivot irrigation The LDN adapts to flow variations along a pivot with its multiple pad and deflector configurations The Super Spray is available with a wide variety of deflector pads used to alter the spray droplet size and angle of distribution The Quad Spray is designed for LEPA (Low Energy Precision Application) irrigation
i-Wob UP3 Xi-Wob UP3 LDN – Low Drift Nozzle Super Spray Quad Spray


 Top-of-Pipe Sprinklers


Wobbling Devices

Impact Sprinklers

Xi-Wob TOP is ideal for reducing over-watering. It provides a wind resistant pattern with uniform coverage The new Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP sprinkler operates at lower pressures and provides outstanding uniformity over a large area Senninger’s Pivot-Master impact sprinklers distribute water in low 6° to 12° trajectories designed to fight wind-drift and evaporation
Xi-Wob TOP UP3 Xcel-Wobbler UP3 TOP Pivot Master Impact Sprinklers


 End of System Emitters


The End Spray is designed to irrigate corners and edges. It distributes flush water at the end of a machine The Fan Spray distributes water away from center pivot wheel tracks
End Spray Fan Spray


Irrigation Components


Goosenecks combined with truss rod hose slings increase an applicator’s area of coverage and reduce a sprinkler’s application intensity Weights, pressure gauges & other components for pivot irrigation Boom Systems extend the reach of drops by placing applicators farther from overhangs and towers
Goosenecks &
Truss Rod Hose Slings
Weights, Pressure Gauges & other pivot components Boom Systems


Pressure regulators maintain an applicator’s flow and distribution uniformity while increasing a system’s efficiency Senninger’s software line includes programs to register and access information on irrigation equipment, design irrigation systems, etc.
Pressure Regulators System Design Software
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