Irrigation Systems Design With Irri-Maker Software Course

Thursday, January 5, 2017

In partnership with the Center for Research and Rural Extension (CIER) at the National University of Colombia, Senninger held an Irrigation Systems Design with Irri-Maker Software course.

Irri-Maker optimizes irrigation system design by combining survey, Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD), with many hydraulic analysis functions. It handles the various design processes with ease by creating a seamless flow of data between survey topography, computer aided design functions, irrigation design elements, as well as input and output to Google Maps.

Juan Carlos Mora, Senninger’s Regional Manager for South America, lead this theoretical and practical course, which addressed concepts of precision irrigation, spray and drip applications. “Irri-Maker helps optimize energy and economic resources. This course is a good opportunity for agricultural engineers and civil engineers to improve their capabilities in these areas” said Juan Mora.

“The course Design of Irrigation Systems with Irri-Maker fully met my expectations,” said Sergio Santa Romero, agricultural engineer.  “I found a lot of potentialities that Irri-Maker brings for irrigation projects.  The truth is that I am very satisfied with the course, and I hope it will improve my design skills.”

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